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Changan grand theater chain 20 years behind Beijing yesterday, the Double Ninth Festival, more than 20 old Peking opera artists together again in Changan Grand Theater, named "Shuangye red flowers in February — time carving gem" opera old artist concert. The concert, which has been held for 10 years, has become a classic in the Changan grand theater. It reflects from one side back 20 years, a road to Changan Grand Theatre, walking in the development and protection of the traditional art. As an old theater, opera market environment how to survive in the moment, is by virtue of the "time-honored" signs be an anachronism or by means of looking for new machine, the brand? Vigorously develop the cultural and creative industries in the moment, the Changan Grand Theater of the 20 years, it is worth pondering. A clerk at the artist Xin Fengxia concert when preaching for reopening, fans had looked at the familiar "Changan Theatre" plaque, but the luxury brand new stage issued a "this is the old Changan?" Question, but what is the old Changan? A heavy, Changan theater manager Zhao Hongtao has invited Mr. Wu Zuguang to the theatre by founding new drama "White Snake Legend" wrote the play of the machine, Wu Zuguang and his wife Xin Fengxia for advice modestly. "First of all, the market should not be low," Xin Fengxia said. My "Liu Qiaoer" is in the bridge play, play well, the market is more and more high, West port city democracy please go to the theatre. Changan theater actors know, just to have a leave, let me go to the emergency. As a result, I rose to three of Changan. But I always knew that Changan wasn’t going anywhere. Changan audience is fierce, that is, the clerk has a very high quality. One day I performed, the audience applauded. I am very proud of. After the show, there is a field clerk sister said to me, ‘the new boss you work hard! I hear she is hualiyouhua, ask her for advice, she told me that your Gedaqiang is really good, but better not to, many poor, people scattered as art…… This sentence let me see light suddenly and benefit for life. The nature of "Changan" three points." Every day there are warm layers of new education play popular star heavy piece, in order to warm up, Changan launched the first in the drama "White Snake Legend", "plum blossom", "sword and rhyme" and "blue gold scale", which is the play every day, singing the warm scene, more people gathered gas. And then the national outstanding opera actor graduate class jointly launched the "graduate class show special" from around the country to show their new generation of performers during the graduate class learning with the traditional repertoire. For a time, Changan even played even full, and most of the audience do not see what the play, only the names of the actors, as long as their favorite performers will be generous with the hands of the money, so hard to get a vote. Since then Changan has been a rich national treasure of many of the new generation of stars. To explore more performers, Changan began to take the initiative, the annual "54" Youth Festival selection under the age of 30 young actors, in particular has not been paid attention to research held a special. In some places due to more young actor performances in Changan and in the local emerge, soon to become the masters in. Save the object will upset both civil and military.相关的主题文章: