Changsha high iron Metro zone open scale (Recruitment) 10 people online registration (video) candle june

Changsha high iron Metro zone open scale (Recruitment) 10 metro rail network registration Changsha introduced the original title: Changsha high iron Metro zone open scale (Recruitment) 10 talents Changsha high iron Metro CMC issuing scale (Recruitment), the contents are as follows: first, overview of Changsha metro rail Changsha metro rail as a "National the new hub, Changsha new name card", is the new highland of Hunan open and open economy Changsha Eastern Corridor core group, located in the region to create open demonstration area, capital of the new city center, modern industrial parks, planning area of 47 square kilometers. Changsha richly endowed by nature metro rail traffic based on the location and beautiful ecological environment, with a high iron hub and Changsha International Exhibition Center as the core, gathered the development of headquarters economy, exhibition economy, high-end business, financial securities, Horticultural Expo, cultural and creative, modern logistics and other modern service industry, and strive to build an international quality capital city fusion the living room and business city of new economic heights. Two, introduction Changsha high iron Metro zone Changsha Metro Rail Management Committee formally established by the end of 2015, for the Changsha Municipal People’s government agencies, county level full career preparation unit, set up three departments (development General Management Department, the Ministry of construction, Ministry of finance investment). The main responsibilities are: responsible for the preparation of new regional planning, industrial policy of high iron; coordinated planning, land, construction and other relevant administrative approval; organize the implementation of regional development, the level of the land consolidation and infrastructure construction; organization development, metro rail investment function; arrange capital metro rail development; coordination, assessment the Municipal Department of organization work; take Changsha high-speed rail metro development and construction work leading group office etc.. Three, Changsha high iron Metro zone open scale (Recruitment) approval by Changsha city organization committee office and Changsha municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Changsha high iron Metro zone open scale (Recruitment) 10 talents, to build high-speed rail metro. (a) for the province’s public transferring 4 leading cadres (full funding of the cause of the preparation of serial number) position to recruit the number of age professional requirements education requirements and more than 1 items of General Management Department minister (division post) under the age of 140 graduate students: the Department of professional is not limited to: administration, business administration, national economy management, human resource management, Chinese language and literature, journalism, secretarial science minister and undergraduate candidates General Management Department, Minister of development and construction must be the authority or the public participation units zhengkeji and leadership positions (including zhengkeji and more non leadership positions); or organs and public participation units fukeji leadership positions for more than 2 years full funding institutions; or vice section leader for more than 3 years. Other requirements please log in "Changsha test network" to understand the recruitment and job requirements for 2 development minister of the Ministry of construction (division post) under the age of 140 graduate students: Bachelor degree in geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, municipal engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, road and railway engineering, civil engineering, water supply and drainage science and engineering, underground city space engineering, road and bridge engineering undergraduate and above 3 Development Deputy Minister of the Ministry of construction (deputy bureau) 135)相关的主题文章: