Chen Jianbin’s first attempt at martial arts drama Julian Cheung invited Anita Yuen Swarm –

Chen Jianbin’s first attempt at martial arts drama Julian Cheung invited Anita Yuen Swarm – Hongkong famous martial arts entertainment Sohu Sohu Lin Dian entertainment news international famous director Ang Lee airborne Hunan TV original program "the first grade" fueled hot, "in" the first grade "inside, no coffee, only more coffee!" Even professor Chen Jianbin heard Ang Lee to "the first grade" unbelievable, is the veteran actor Chen Jianbin teacher, director Ang Lee saw the second variable fans, both excited and disturbed, nervous and didn’t know what to do. See some of the panic of the teacher Chen Jianbin, Netizens feel that such a teacher meng. In addition to close contact with Ang Lee director, round the dream for many years, the first year, but also for the preparation of other surprises for the Chen Jianbin. Chen Jianbin’s dream won the Golden Horse Award for best new director award as an outstanding actor, Chen Jianbin has been hidden in the hearts of a director. In early 2014, Chen Jianbin first directed and starred in a movie "spoon", and by virtue of the film won the Taiwan Film Awards Best New Director award. The first time when the director has got awards, thanks to Chen Jianbin’s tireless efforts and serious working attitude. His wife, Jiang Qinqin, said in an interview, "in my eyes, he is brilliant, serious efforts, the director is full of enthusiasm." In the previous program, Chen made a "director addiction", in the bus with the students to take the "first grade" version of the "Busan line", won a lot of users praise. In the next phase of the program, take the graduate experimental class director Chen Jianbin really love the students take drama. Turned director Chen Jianbin, the famous martial arts director Lin Dian will partner in Hongkong, the challenge never tried the martial arts drama. Director Chen’s new work, many of the fans Chen said that he was looking forward to, there will be a good guide chen." Julian Cheung Anita Yuen walk on students laughing: the most expensive swarm "the first grade" martial arts blockbuster shooting, in addition to Chen Jianbin as the director, the other instructors have also contributed to the strength of its own. Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen went to the crew to play. This scared a netizen, god horse? I go when Anita and Daisen swarm? The first grade students are really lucky enough." Not only the users be startled at, even the students do not calm, "quipped Anita sister, you are the most precious in the history of the swarm." Walk on the Xian beautiful couple personally to the students showed "no small parts, only small actors" this sentence. Dedicated two couples, not only seriously filming, Anita Yuen even regardless of the image of ugly. Two couples in order to teach the students was touched a lot of friends, "the little boy said," fans "rank and Anita really have many excellent qualities worthy students to Study hard, be able to meet such a teacher, how lucky." With so many teachers work, "the first grade" martial arts blockbuster is not very want to see?相关的主题文章: