Chengdu released in 2016 the first batch of PPP promotion project total investment of 126 billion 20 chompoo araya

Chengdu issued a total investment of 126 billion 20 million of the total investment in 2016 the first batch of PPP to promote the project over 126 billion Chengdu promotion this year the first batch of 39 PPP projects (source: Chengdu daily)     the day before, the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal government and social capital cooperation Service Center website released in 2016 in Chengdu City, the first batch of 39 PPP promotion the project, a total investment of 126 billion 20 million yuan. Among them, the municipal infrastructure projects 19, a total investment of 60 billion 390 million yuan; transportation project 4, a total investment of 4 billion 180 million yuan; water conservancy construction project 2, a total investment of 9 billion 850 million yuan; ecological environmental protection project 4, a total investment of 6 billion 960 million yuan; tourism projects 3, a total investment of 41 billion 200 million yuan; health and education projects 3, a total investment of 850 million yuan; the other 4 projects, a total investment of 2 billion 580 million yuan. The second water source of Chengdu Li Jia Yan reservoir is expected to total duration of 54 months of municipal infrastructure investment 26 billion 500 million yuan of Chengdu metro line 18 PPP projects, investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan in Xindu District Xiangcheng road modern tram project, more than 5 billion 700 million yuan investment in Chengdu City, IT road of modern tram project, investment 750 million yuan the Xinjin tram 2 phase of the project, as well as the avenue of Chengdu city center to invest more than 3 billion 500 million yuan of the eight road underground pipe gallery PPP project etc.. According to the project, the main line of the Chengdu rail transit line 18 59.27km, set up a total of 9 stations, divided into a phase of the project and the second phase of the project, the two projects completed over the same period. Xindu District Xiangcheng road of modern tram project from Metro Line 5 station north of the city to stop trading, the new complex furniture Park Station, the line length of 9 km. Chengdu City Avenue IT modern tram project is Y type layout, from the west railway station, PiXian West Railway Station and finally red station, the line length of about 39.0km, a total of 46 stations. Xinjin tram 2 phase of the project to be connected to the Metro Line 10 and tram demonstration line R1 project phase I project. Chengdu city center and eight Avenue Road underground pipe gallery project PPP sun Avenue, Chengdu Chongqing high-speed city, Luo Lu, five, Yu Lu Shu long Hong Lu, Jin Yundong (West), Jin Yundong Lane (West) four lane and 8 Jintai Road with a total length of 20.51 km tunnel construction project. The overall goal of the project is to complete the construction in, to achieve operational in 2018. Li Yan reservoir water conservancy construction involving investment of more than 9 billion 300 million yuan and water pipeline project. Li Yan reservoir is the second water source of Chengdu, the major water conservancy project is a national, province, by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, Ministry of water resources identified as the first batch of national level of social capital to participate in the major water conservancy construction and operation of the pilot project, the estimated total duration of 54 months. Dujiangyan will build Chinese Western Alpine Valley Resort ecological environmental protection projects including the investment of 1 billion yuan to Dujiangyan Tianfu source wetland construction projects built Wetland Park in the District of Binjiang, 3 billion of investment相关的主题文章: