Chengdu urban construction action list released two years after the opening of the 5 subway lines luonv

Chengdu urban construction crucial action list released next year after the opening of the 5 subway line 3 subway line opened next year, the year after the opening of the 2 subway lines; West River comprehensive renovation of city livable Waterfront District, Chengdu living water project "demonstration project started before the end of this year; by the end of this year to start the 6 small block demonstration area construction; city hall project started before the end of this year…… The day before the reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Committee, a global "urban crucial action list" has been released, through the implementation of a series of urban construction projects, the city of city space and quality will be more optimized, more people’s livelihood projects will be in travel, style, and other aspects of the environment to bring good to the masses. Keywords: rail traffic after the next two years opened 5 subway lines in our city will be in accordance with the "leading the city rail transit development pattern" concept, vigorously promote the acceleration of rail transit network planning, accelerate the realization of "center city encryption into a network, Tianfu core network, two nuclear radiation interaction strengthened, forming a backbone, global basic coverage target. Next, the focus will be on the 650+ mileage program to accelerate. Is a subway operation mileage "500+" – 2016 opening and operation of line 4 and line 3 of the project put into operation in 2017 4; line two, line 10, line 7 project; 2018 opening and operation of No. 1 line three and line 3 the two phase of the project put into operation in 2019; No. 5, line one or two, line 18, line 3 phase three phase of the project before the end of 2020; the opening and operation of No. 6 line one or two, line 8, line 9 phase 10, line two, line 11 phase, the first phase project of line 17. Two subway construction mileage "150+" – in October 2016 the preparation of the completion of the Chengdu urban rail transit construction plan (2017 – 2023), reported to the national development and reform commission. Three is a modern tram project, started construction in April 2016 IT Avenue modern tram construction, built in operation in 2018, started construction in Dujiangyan M – TR tourist passenger line project, completed in 2018 operations. Keywords: ecological construction next year to carry out a comprehensive construction of livable waterfront in ecological construction, accelerate the construction of ecological zones around the city, to promote the "livable waterfront, Chengdu living water" project. Comprehensive renovation, the western suburbs of the river along the river before the end of this year to start comprehensive renovation project demonstration district, other districts in accordance with the requirements of their respective implementation plan to determine a start point, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the project. In the first phase to achieve the requirements of the central city riparian. In 2017, on the basis of pilot demonstration, to carry out a comprehensive construction of livable waterfront livable waterfront project, the project achieved initial success. 2018 – July 2019, fully completed the center city water system. The construction of water system to complete the city center 6 main rivers, 76 tributaries of the trench, the optimization of the "two rivers hold city water network pattern, the realization of" three waterfront". Through all the broken River in the city center; through the removal of the status of the surrounding obstacles, the road is smooth; by increasing the green landscape etc., ensure landscape corridor and ecological.相关的主题文章: