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Chicken year Spring Festival evening show host big shake Fu Yuanhui on the show’s high voice – Entertainment Sohu dignified atmosphere "the most beautiful anchor Li Zimeng very fit the CCTV Spring Festival Gala hosted the 2016 year of the monkey style Luyu Gala Guangzhou venue audience was certainly the Chinese network stable play with the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Spring Festival is approaching, second language programs the review is about to begin, in the Spring Festival Gala Evening in the first instance, the young actor has the show mostly, informed sources said," more people participate in the Spring Festival evening comedy creation, but also on the stage of the rich." In the year of the rooster and host of the show, the recent exposure will make a big change, in addition to Zhou Tao, Zhu Jun, Qing Dong, Sa Beining, Li Sisi, Nigel Maiti, CCTV "old face", "news broadcast" at the 2016 CCTV female anchor, monkey spring festival was combined with TFBOYS to perform together children’s program "happy growth" a ratings record the CCTV children’s channel host sister moon, monkey spring festival Guangdong venue, the venue of Fujian Luyu host host Li Jiaming was listed in the key consideration of the chicken year Spring Festival general director Yang Dongsheng admitted, four of them are likely to become fresh chicken Spring Festival host team "". Sweet and lively Sister Moon hosted the show will attract more than hundreds of millions of young viewers and parents separated for four years after the CCTV Gala Li Yugang will bring the Chinese surnames song "Lee" to its "Honghuang junior partner Li Haocheng" the girl "Fu Yuanhui on the show’s voice in the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival evening high monkey, director Lv Yitao bold use the" 6+4+4 "model, Zhou Tao, Zhu Jun, Qing Dong, Sa Beining, Li Sisi and Nigel Maiti in the CCTV main venue, Quanzhou, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Hulun Buir and other four venues to host the local partner CCTV host. Chicken year CCTV Spring Festival general director Yang Dongsheng in order to give the audience more exciting Gala, half a year in advance to begin preparations for the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is nearly ten years planning for the first time, the Spring Festival evening show host is exposed to a big shake, Li Zimeng, Ren Luyu, Li Jiaming, the moon sister "new" join the chicken Spring Festival will be presided over one of the biggest highlights, which not only shows the chicken Spring Festival compared with the previous will have greater innovation, but also to avoid the humanization of global Chinese audience aesthetic fatigue, and hosted the first CCTV spring late Li Zimeng will be after Ouyang Xiadan and Kang Hui hosted the show for the third "news broadcast" news anchor, it is understood that the "tall, high value of Yan" 39 year old "news broadcast" the most beautiful anchor so far is still single, and in this year’s double ten A day in the "2016 11 singles China celebrity". In addition, the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival gala for public programs, Lang Ping, Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi led the Chinese women’s volleyball team, "400 anniversary commemorative Oriental Shakespeare" the death of Tang Xianzu Chinese style song "new Peony Pavilion", "the boy" Li Haocheng and "the girl" Hui Fu Garden on the Spring Festival Gala Concert "partner 2016 first" the Divine Comedy "the young man", the famous performing artist Lee Young相关的主题文章: