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Chinese space next 60 years what? 81 years ago, Tsien Hsueshen had given the answer – the Sohu Military Channel text with map: 20:43 on November 3rd, China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five in Wenchang China spaceport blasted off. Imperceptibly, China space is a "60" Chinese used "60" to "60 years old. From October 8, 1956, Chinese first rocket and Missile Research Institute — Fifth Department of Defense Research Institute, yesterday, China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five successful maiden flight, imperceptibly, China space is a "60". A cycle of 60 years. This represents a cycle of time. This is a new starting point. Looking back China space 60 years process, it is a difficult choice between ideal and belief; immortal legend. 60 years, we witnessed the Chinese aerospace from scratch, from small to large amazing achievements. 60 years, China Aerospace Engineering every time off, every flight, let us very excited, but also filled with a thousand regrets. Speaking of China’s space, what would you think? I don’t know why I suddenly thought of a person in my mind, a picture…… 1955 in September 17th, Tsien Hsueshen with his family boarded the Cleveland president, which means that the end of the years of the end of the road to return to the last five years. On the deck of the ship, Tsien Hsueshen and his wife, the children left a photo, the photo, the daughter of a small smile with a smile of the daughter of Tsien Hsueshen. At this moment, he really feel the temperature of the motherland. "I finally returned to the motherland increasingly missing, in the future to contribute their full strength for the motherland’s construction services." This is the return of Tsien Hsueshen in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said in a statement. He returned home only to contribute himself. 5 years of the road back, full of too much bitterness. As early as 1950, had just resigned from the position of Professor Tsien Hsueshen of California Institute of Technology Department of the Navy Deputy Minister Daniel? Gold Kimbell said he and his family will leave the United states. In the eyes of the Americans, Tsien Hsueshen alone is worth five divisions of power, Daniel? Tsien Hsueshen asked him gold Kimbell even threatened to "think twice". Over the next 5 years, Tsien Hsueshen was under surveillance and even imprisoned, and his wife, Jiang Ying, said that for some time he had lost the ability to speak and lost a total of 13 pounds in the next 13 days. However, all this did not prevent him from returning home. In October 1, 1949, the founding ceremony of the salute knock in the "wandering" of the heart. Chairman Mao in the Tiananmen gate that "People’s Republic of China today has established" the solemn declaration, but also touched Tsien Hsueshen’s heart, make him excited. I want to return to the embrace of the motherland! Tsien Hsueshen told himself urgently. In October 8, 1956, after returning to Tsien Hsueshen to form Chinese first rocket and Missile Institute — Fifth Department of Defense Research Institute, and served as the first president. On this day, China’s space industry has taken a historic step, which marks the creation of China’s space industry!相关的主题文章: