Chrysanthemum wine wine is truth chrysanthemum has medicinal value but no chrysanthemum wine

Chrysanthemum wine is wine? The truth: chrysanthemum has medicinal value but not the rumor: chrysanthemum chrysanthemum wine wine with liver, eyesight, brain, cure dizziness, lowering blood pressure, weight loss, nourishing liver qi, stomach, anti-aging. Legend, the Double Ninth Festival drink chrysanthemum wine can dispel the disaster of evil. Truth: chrysanthemum has medicinal value, but there is no chrysanthemum wine. Chrysanthemum wine is wine? The truth: chrysanthemum chrysanthemum wine has no medicinal value but as everyone knows, Chinese often use chrysanthemum detoxification, anti-inflammatory treatment of wind heat disease. However, chrysanthemum has medicinal value does not mean that chrysanthemum wine has the same effect. Folklore Double Ninth Festival day wine chrysanthemum wine is longevity longevity wine, in fact, chrysanthemum wine effect is not up to the "old" Qixiao, now people are still in the Double Ninth Festival brewing chrysanthemum wine, more is because it plays the festive ceremony. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the chrysanthemum in full bloom, many people made occasional drink chrysanthemum wine, or they drink together. Chrysanthemum wine from the chrysanthemum stems and leaves of a millet, cool taste slightly sweet, chrysanthemum wine is the double ninth festival festive drinks, thousands of years, today, some old people every year in the Chongyang Festival day chrysanthemum wine brewing for good luck, wish longevity, pray for longevity. Festive chrysanthemum wine also cannot drink chrysanthemum wine although no medicinal value of what is known, but it has been around for years, chrysanthemum wine is still one of the favorite wine. Chrysanthemum wine of many categories, in addition to raw materials required for millet chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum wine in the brewing, understand the chrysanthemum wine people also made different chrysanthemum wine according to their own preferences. To remind everyone, whether it is drinking chrysanthemum wine brewed with Chinese medicine, or drinking wine brewed by adding a mixture of other chrysanthemum wine, according to their own circumstances are required to follow the "principle of moderate drinking is good for health to life". In addition, to remind young people, also don’t drink chrysanthemum wine when drunk, remember do not drink and drive the driving principle.相关的主题文章: