Coin market October 30th set currency view govos

Coin market in October 30th set currency point of view media sources: Chinese coins online Sun Zhongshan gold and silver all the way up, breaking 7 thousand. Gold information: the gold market this week ushered in second consecutive weeks up, a message of the gold market enthusiasm lit long weekend. The gold market this week, most of the time can be described as "terrible", but FBI said Friday the United States to re start the investigation on Hilary as secretary of state during the use of private email handling official events, the news that the rising demand for gold as a safe haven asset, so as to stimulate the price of gold rose sharply. Next week the gold market will usher in more blockbuster events, the four central bank interest rate decision will attract attention, including the Fed’s resolution of concern, the signal whether it will pass rate hike in December, this will be the focus of investors. Of course, the progress of the investigation on FBI Hilary will still be highly concerned. International spot gold in October 28th when the week gained $11.20, or 0.89%, to close at $1275.80 an ounce, the highest on the exploration of $1284.10 an ounce, the lowest dropping to $1260.61 an ounce. This week was recorded weekly on the two rising. The 150 anniversary of the birth of gold and silver coins last week, the continuation of the trend last week, all the way up yesterday, near the turnover in the vicinity of Sun Zhongshan, today, the price of gold coins in the vicinity of the network in the vicinity of the, a single silver in the vicinity of 770. The long march 80 anniversary commemorative coins this week fluctuations are large, gold and silver price in 5900, single silver in the vicinity of 800, buying trading in general. The G20 summit recently a small coin network currency consolidation, today the bidding in the vicinity of 6000 yuan, a single silver coin sets the price of around 1050 yuan, the shortage of supply. Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins today reported near 3550-3700, a slight fine-tuning, a single silver back to the vicinity of 620-650, a small number of transactions. Shenyang 120 anniversary plus the word Panda Gold Coins today offer around 3600, single silver still in the vicinity of 630-650 trading, buying less. The panda coins by gold fluctuations, 30 grams of silver cat in the vicinity of 145 small transactions, prices gradually decline, 16 sets of annuity cats today in the vicinity of 16100, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8420, 4210 and 2320, 3 grams and 1 grams of gold were reported in cats 918 and 348, a slight adjustment. 16 grams of silver cat near the transaction in, silver cat 5250-5300 near the, silver cat overall decline in turnover in general.相关的主题文章: