Cold air and typhoon joint Changsha tomorrow, the maximum temperature below 20 degrees C (video)

The cold air and the typhoon to Changsha the highest temperature will below 20 DEG C original title: before the national day and downtown Star City, the highest temperature below 20 DEG C during the holiday tomorrow weather Changsha evening news in late September, Changsha is Qiuliang water. Recently the hot weather is rampant, let sunshine earth shrouded in the hot summer. Yesterday, with the northern cold air coming forward, plus the typhoon "catfish" periphery nephsystem influence, Changsha wind increased, autumn tiger tail retreat in the hot air by half. 4 pm yesterday, the Municipal Meteorological Observatory issued a blue gale warning signal, is expected in the next 24 hours will be 6 winds, Changsha the night in the wind and rain in autumn. Today, the maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of only 19 degrees Celsius tomorrow. The city’s largest rain tomorrow, cloudy with moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. October 1st to 2, the weather is cloudy, with occasional showers; 3 days to 4 days, the weather, the temperature rose, the morning mist. The expert reminds, tomorrow to October 1st, Changsha will appear cold dew wind weather for 3 days average temperature below 20 DEG C. (Changsha evening news reporter Peng Fang Intern Han Wei) please pay attention to weather changes Changsha today cloudy rain, the 5 level, the highest temperature of 23 degrees, the minimum temperature of 18 degrees; tomorrow cloudy with moderate to heavy rain, the 4 level, the highest temperature of 19 degrees, the minimum temperature of 16 degrees. Reports of cold air and typhoon to Hunan will bring significant rain to cool the Hunan Meteorological News Network September 27th September 26th "autumn" interpretation of the last crazy, then the cold air and typhoon "catfish" will completely reverse the weather condition of Hunan even sunny hot recently. 27 on the afternoon of the cold front arrived in Hunan, 26, a red in the north of Hunan, 27 afternoon temperatures have up to 25 degrees, 30 degrees the temperature has retreated South hunan. 28, the main cold air southward, and will happen to the strong typhoon level landing in Taiwan, and is expected to tomorrow morning to morning in Fujian Zhangpu to Fuqing coastal landing again "catfish". Cold air and typhoon low pressure together, will bring significant cooling rain to Hunan. 27 to the evening of 28 weak precipitation in Northwest Xiangxi, Hunan Province, the highest temperature below the temperature of less than 30 degrees. On the evening of 28 to 29, the strongest rain period in eastern and southern Hunan, some heavy rain, local heavy rain. The 29 began a sharp dive in temperature, the highest temperature of Changsha No. 30 less than 20 degrees. Video recommendation: [beautiful Hunan] for Changsha aerial photo take you to see another point of Changsha相关的主题文章: