Confirmed! Fast kill director David & #8226; Ricci’s Deadpool 2 w-inds.

Confirmed! "Fast kill" director David & #8226; Ricci’s "Deadpool 2" earlier, due to creative differences of opinion "lead to" the original Deadpool director Tim · Miller quit filming a sequel what had in the whole circle raise a Babel of criticism of Europe and the United states. Recently, after several days of "Deadpool storm" has finally come to an end, David · Ricci as the successor of "2" directed by deadpool. In fact, Tim announced early in the "exit 2" Deadpool sequel after the shooting, there was news that the film side phase is the director who directed the "fast kill" David · Lei qi. However, this news has not been officially confirmed. Today, the new news confirms this, many fans expressed considerable excitement. It is reported that, in addition to the sequel, played the role of "electric cable" will be added, a woman having an affair with Deadpool mutant "Domino" is also expected to appear. In the original comic book, has the gene level deformation capacity of the "copycat" (Mo · Fiorina; Bakalin diggs) had fake "Domino" appears in the X commando, and with the "electric cable" have feelings. The film will be released in North America in January 12, 2018. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: