Da mage fast food practice footman

Da mage: fast-food fast-food practice practice practice the concept of pure land Buddha holding and repair, the timing of modern social contract. The quick pace of modern life, competition is strong, to have a special time to practice the Dharma, the Buddha Famennian practice of this kind of people the opportunity. If you do not have too much time, only ten words a day to drink a cup of coffee. The Buddha in various ways, flexible, posture can be read, not interfere with the environment. Modern people like convenience, the so-called fast food consumption. It has characteristics of "Buddha Famennian fast-food". When you face a difficult problem, the heart panic, rob reciting Buddha, can stable mood, rational treatment (wisdom light Buddha); when you desire intense heat to the heart when angry, said chanted, it can cool body (pure light Buddha); when you encounter adverse conditions, hatred will play, read a few words can grab the Buddha, the poison of anger subsided, CI eye (happy light Buddha); or Lin Mingzhong, smell the Dharma door to heart belief, recite the name Amitabha, or ten times the sound can be kept by Amitabha compassion led, reborn and Bethuel, quickly become buddha. Is the Buddhist chanting Buddhist dharma "fast-food" practice, Miqi modern people’s psychology of consumption, dust in the way, the silt but don’t dye.相关的主题文章: