Damage to the railway artery in the next 10 days, there will be no car in Xiamen Island bloxorz

Railway artery damaged the next 10 days Xiamen island will not train future import nearly 10 days, Xiamen island will not import EMU morning news reporter Lei Yu typhoon devastated city. This time, even the railway did not escape the clutches of super typhoon ", in the 17 gust wind raging, catenary Xinglin bridge railway bridge was severely damaged, resulting in the railway channel island and outside Xiamen were temporarily blocked. The reporter learned from the railway sector, the eagle ha line to Xiamen Gaoqi between Xinglin power supply equipment severely damaged, the interval of power interruption, from yesterday to September 25th, XiaMen Railway Station originating end to EMU will be changed to the XiaMen North Railway Station or Zhangzhou station of origin to the end. In other words, the next 10 days, there will be no motor vehicles in Xiamen island. Currently, the Nanchang Railway Bureau has set up three large operations group, a total of 200 people to repair the damaged power supply equipment. What is the impact of the railway? Railway sector is how to deal with? Yesterday, the morning news reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of Nanchang Railway Bureau Xiamen power supply segment. What is the impact? Contact net support more than 60% damaged and a roadside lodging tree, Xinglin bridge railway bridge, a catenary pillar also cross the tracks, the picture is very fierce. Because fall by the severe impact, these pillars almost suffered a "crowning calamity". According to the railway department statistics, the original bridge Xinglin railway catenary pillar 377, more than 230 root lodging, has more than 60%. "Has not been able to repair, almost to re set up." Nanchang Railway Bureau Xiamen power supply section of the relevant person in charge told reporters that they found that many of the pillars in the typhoon damaged, need to be replaced. The workload is almost equivalent to the power supply equipment on the railway bridge Xinglin erection again again. How important is power supply? EMU is inseparable from the general public may not be aware of the importance of power supply equipment. Insiders told the morning news reporter, the railway system specialized in various, but can be simply divided into car operation, maintenance, labour and electricity, power supply, communication, passenger vehicles, 7 parts. Motor car running, relying on the catenary power supply. That is to say, supply catenary equipment is affected, almost can hardly move a step motor. Speed trains are also powered by electric locomotives. However, in order to get the speed train running, there can be another way, is to replace the head of the engine head. In fact, for the car, it can also be linked to the internal combustion engine, but the process is very troublesome. The relevant person in charge told reporters, after a night of repair, they will catch the implementation of Xinglin railway bridge opened to traffic today zero. Then, as long as the general speed train head into the engine head can be opened, is expected to more than 6 today, the first train out of the island can speed bump. How to repair? 200 people in the night to repair the group of three, these days, we did not go home, all night repair." Relevant responsible person said, Fuzhou power supply maintenance personnel also came to support a total of 200 people, divided into three groups. It is reported that two of them were from Xinglin railway bridge two grab.相关的主题文章: