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"Dear princess disease" Mike embrace child heart start mode – Sohu entertainment   "dear princess disease" Mike Sohu entertainment news recently a video produced by the Sohu, Qi Wei served as artistic director, Taixing MIKE, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Bairong, Du Yan starring the adorable love idol network drama "dear princess. [Opera] disease" is the Sohu of the video hit, every Thursday Friday on time update. In the latest update of the two episode, "dear princess disease" before an anti our hair small pink sugar sweet wind, male and female gradually clear his mind and misunderstanding but deepened, the plot also reversed, male Mike open child heart model, let the audience address him.   "dear princess disease" over the wall to save if before Mike’s senior Nianyu Jiang Yan burst table values not only is the universal genius, martial arts dance music movement riding swordsmen, with gentle and tease sister also successfully captured a large wave of domineering, audience’s heart of girl. But the audience can not help but doubt that this person is not defective? God will open a window for the closing of the people, writers also for the majority of the audience a chance to live, the seemingly perfect River Nianyu seniors actually has a sad story. In the eighth episode, in order to thank Nianyu Jiang save himself, Lin stars embraced Jiang Nianyu, has always been equal to anything, MAX Mike but her boyfriend fainted in the arms of women. The gentle rain seniors had eyes see his sister died in his arms, leading to their ever embrace others. Many users can not help but sigh: can not embrace How to send sugar? While Mike in guard Princess gradually understand their mind, understand their love of the people who had intended to the princess when he was advertising by others in a strange combination of circumstances confession, mind to say exports, and a secondary students miss, all the fans are distressed capital.   Mike   Mike, to send a gift; Zhang Yuxi played it is reported that the play from broadcast to now go all the way, one side is said to a Mary Sue, while also saving countless girls heart. However, in the next episode, handsome Mike will be the princess’s stepmother ruthless rolling, two people’s love will go from here, continue to lock Sohu video every Thursday Friday.相关的主题文章: