Deyunshe fans accosted Cao Yunjin, but Guo Degang pit (Figure) lformat

Deyunshe fans accosted Cao Yunjin, but Guo Degang pit (Figure) Cao Yunjin and Guo Degang war of words cited hot Beijing morning news recently, Cao Yunjin tore the former mentor Guo Degang sparked hot friends. As early as September 7th, a micro-blog called "Deyunshe Nanjing branch" netizens posting denounced Cao Yunjin by previous mentor to threaten retaliation and trust, said: "Guo Degang said that if the world is dangerous, you not to mention the world of sunshine!" Subsequently, Cao Yunjin forwarding micro-blog said: Thank you for the God of the knife!"     Cao Yunjin reply netizen netizen reads as follows: "you rely on these secrets, that’s why you left? Or why did Guo Degang put you down? Or you are "slander" reason? Because the master and break up, put the master behind the independent mentoring relationship, the so-called secret shake out, so that you can not leave the betrayal? Or the use of the trust before the threat of retaliation? Your essay won sympathy, also confirms your sims! Think highly of fear. Named "Deyunshe Nanjing branch" netizens drying out long shots in micro-blog, Cao Yunjin said in the article: micro-blog inside this paragraph: do you remember why you 04 years from you’anmen Daxing post office moved to the dormitory? Do you remember someone in your life who was called Yang Xinhua? Do you remember the woman reporter who followed you? Pearl City mouth opera shop thing you also forget clean? This would allow people with hair standing on end, a wolf with a savage heart ah! Said Guo Degang by his position to suppress Cao’s people, have you ever thought, Cao is not to know their own Guo Guo will be so reckless? The whole reading thought Cao said is reasonable. You can read this passage, a sinister villain immediately surfacing. If you have a friend, all mixed together, good for if the brothers, one day you break up, he put all of your previous private Xuan to people, how do you evaluate? Just out of his legacy, and not kill. If you buy what do you care, we love you more self-reliance! Trust you in the past to let you know, now take out a knife, bite the bite on the meat, this person can not pay! Then the article went on: "if you say Guo Degang rivers and lakes sinister, you do not talk about the world of sunshine! Guo Degang may not be a good thing (for more direct evidence), but this is the most terrible talent behind the cao!" It is reported that in Nanjing Deyunshe theater performances, but this is not their own account Deyunshe people in management, they say there is no hacking, but does not recognize the relationship between micro-blog and Deyunshe itself. Some netizens commented: "the original Bo is senior black?" "The enemy is not successful, since the loss of four hundred million." According to the original Bo’s argument, more fine thinking very fear bar…" Guo Degang reports: Arts alone become artists first and strive to become a good dog figure source: time: September 6, 2016 Guo Degang original title: "people" by Guo Degang exclusive dialogue to see some negative things, who is scold you, I always want to be the East West after the past, I state that a swagger before others. Thought of here, Cao Yunjin excited He Yunwei is always a sensitive word. Deyunshe accept "character actor;相关的主题文章: