Do double life security thief Taizhou sixty old man of the night yuanjiao

On the night of security thief Taizhou sixty old man’s double life since mid June this year, Taizhou County of Xianju City Public Security received a public warning, said the electric car lost. Strangely, every 1 or 2 days, there are electric cars stolen near alleys, cinemas, gates and stations near the back streets of the city. Who committed this crime so frequently? As the investigation went on, the truth was a surprise. Xianju County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade anti robbery squadron of police Zhu Xujie: "through further on and found that the stolen electric cars are similar to Giant models of electric vehicles, we found the vehicle according to the video investigation case suspect is the same man." A short period of more than a month, the case occurred more than 20, up to one night, there are 6 similar electric cars stolen. The stolen electric car has a common feature, that is, the owner does not lock. Police investigation found that each suspect committing a crime, do not take the road, the special path, winding around for a while, and finally went to the point of committing crime. The modus operandi is quite skilled, often tens of seconds to fix an electric car, even sleeping in the car on the side of the people did not disturb, after succeeded, he was riding a stolen car back from the alley primary winding road, Xianju county area along the Simon finally disappear. Xianju County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade squadron of police Zhu Xujie: "anti robbery suspects from June until July, every crime suspects his clothes are not replaced, is wearing a white shirt, then we passed this shirt for us to find a breakthrough to solve the case." After many days of online comprehensive operations, the police combed out several relatively fixed routes when the suspect fled to love. The day before, in the old Xianju County Simon arrested the suspect, was a 60 year old uncle! After investigation, the suspect surnamed pan, a native of Xianju, 60 years old this year, is a district security team. In the face of police interrogation, pan Mou also presents a righteous appearance. But in the face of a large number of facts, pan admits his own stealing facts. The day before, the suspect pan has been the police criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. A sixty year old man, the day when the security team, at night to start a "lone bandit" Caidian, have corresponding special escape routes, it is in the movies. But The wages of sin is death., he will pay the price for their behavior. In addition, the police found that the stolen electric cars are not locked, gave the thief can take advantage of the machine.

日做保安夜做贼 台州六旬老汉的双面人生从今年6月中旬以来,台州仙居县公安陆续接到城区群众报警,说电动车丢了。奇怪的是,每隔1天或2天,城区背街的小巷、影院门口、车站附近就有电动车失窃。是谁如此频繁作案呢?随着调查的深入,真相令人大吃一惊。仙居县公安局刑侦大队反盗抢中队民警 朱旭杰:“通过进一步得串并发现,被盗的电动车都是类似于捷安特款式的电动车,我们根据视频侦查发现这种电动车的案件嫌疑人为同一名男子。”短短一个多月,案件发生20多起,最多一晚竟有6辆同类款电动车被偷。而失窃的电动车有一个共同的特点,就是车主没有加锁。警方侦查发现,犯罪嫌疑人每次作案,都不走大路,专走小路,弯弯曲曲的绕好一阵,最终才走到作案点。作案手法也相当纯熟,往往几十秒就能搞定一辆电动车,就连睡在电动车边上的人也丝毫没有惊动,得手之后,他骑着偷来的电动车又从小巷原路弯弯曲曲返回,最后消失仙居县西门片区一带。仙居县公安局刑侦大队反盗抢中队民警 朱旭杰:“嫌疑人从6月一直到7月份,嫌疑人每次作案他的这个衣服都是没有更换过的,都是穿一件白色的衬衣,然后我们通过这个衬衣给我们侦破此案寻找到了突破口。”经过多日的网上网下综合作战,民警梳理出了犯罪嫌疑人逃跑时爱走的几条相对固定路线。日前,在仙居县西门老街将犯罪嫌疑人抓获,竟然是一个60岁的老大伯!经调查,犯罪嫌疑人姓泮,仙居本地人,今年60岁,是某小区的保安队长。面对民警审问,泮某还摆出一副理直气壮地的样子。但在大量事实证明面前,泮某还是承认了自己的行窃事实。日前,犯罪嫌疑人泮某已经被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦查中。一个六十岁的老汉,白天当保安队长,晚上做起了“独行大盗”,踩点、逃跑都有相应专门路线,简直是在拍电影啊。不过多行不义必自毙,他必将为自己的行为付出代价。另外,警方侦破时发现,被盗的电动车都是没有上锁,给了小偷可趁之机。相关的主题文章: