Do not blind the whole kitchen renovation, first look for a design sweets parade

Don’t make the whole kitchen renovation, to find a look at the design of         the kitchen area is small, the entire renovation process in the main event. Whether it is the drainage of water and electricity, ceramic tile shop, or the purchase of electrical appliances, cabinets layout…… As long as one does not do well, it will directly affect the quality of family life. So before the renovation, the kitchen design will begin. All kinds of design are "people-oriented"         in the kitchen design, designers must understand the user’s preferences, height and weight, daily eating habits and other aspects of the situation, and then further on all aspects of the design. In this way, a good kitchen can be used to make the user easy to use. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, the communication between the designer and the owner is very important.         taking into account the owner’s wife is a left-handed, the figure is not high, the designer will be dedicated to the left side of the seasoning knife shelf, the cabinet as a whole do low. Design people-oriented, won the owners love.         learned that the owners are very clean, do not want to sink under the tank due to moisture and dirt, the designer specializes in the use of stainless steel plate to the sink. Clean and easy to clean. Custom cabinets, kitchen electricity choose good         kitchen power according to their living habits, family decoration style, the size of the kitchen by the owners in advance. This can facilitate the design of cabinet designers. Only the kitchen style, style, size are set, the designer can reasonably arrange the location of different electrical appliances, reserved size, design a good socket position, to avoid unnecessary regret later.         exhaust, stove, refrigerator kitchen is a traditional three piece suit. In addition, how to buy Electrical equipment will be determined by the owners. The position of the microwave oven is reserved, and the kitchen electric color and cabinets are also consistent.         not only kitchen style, color should be consistent. To choose the product, but also take into account the size of the opening angle. The position of the refrigerator is particularly important, the design is not good, the door is difficult to achieve the normal opening and closing scale. The design of the cabinet, all aspects of the whole         cabinet design is the central part of the kitchen renovation, can affect the appearance and use of various aspects of the details. We must take into account the limitations of Fangxing, but also to meet the needs of the owners. Kitchen electric position should be set aside in advance, the design of coal and water pipes should be quite accurate. Generally only professional cabinet manufacturers to do more comprehensive and reasonable.         long for U type kitchen cabinets, but because the owners of the requirements and the corresponding size of the purchase of electric kitchen with a good designer, a space for the design, the owners feel very comfortable.     &nbs.相关的主题文章: