Dong Zhicheng exposed Nicky Wu 1 episode paycheck 3 million Taiwan artist compared to a beggar

Dong Zhicheng exposed Nicky Wu 1 episode paycheck 3 million: Taiwan artist than became a beggar, the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Dong Zhicheng exposed Nicky Wu 1 episode paycheck 3 million: Dong Zhicheng, Taiwan low reward Nicky Wu Sina entertainment news November 13th news, according to Taiwan media reports, in the "meteor garden" plays "shancai father" Dong Zhicheng [micro-blog]12 on James Weizhong book platform, do a lot of things mentioned before their own will, please each other give advice, he also talked about his recent career better, Taiwan must fly. But in fact, he has been working in the mainland for many years, talking about the biggest difference between the two places, he said: Taiwan artists take the money is simply a beggar". Dong Zhicheng mentioned that he worked for many years in the mainland, in the local to find an assistant, he lived alone there, go out at night to buy a thing or will be afraid to find the locals more convenient". As for going to in the local production, "he said several years ago someone told me to buy, I did not buy, now regret! Now the house is so expensive." Dong Zhicheng believes his salary level can not catch up with the mainland housing prices, Schmidt said, whether the artists in the film or the program is doing the rewards are quite high, "Nicky Wu [micro-blog] now play the 1 set is RMB 3 million (NT $14 million) yuan, RMB is no nt! After listening to them, you will feel that the actors who work in Taiwan are really good and few, like beggars." (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing) more exciting content, please pay attention to female @ Sina (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: