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"Double 12" is   "double 11" four big worries about the consumer must see – Shenzhen channel — original title: "double 11" consumption to save four worries "double 11" has, for "double 11" is actively processing all kinds of complaints. With the market supervision administration of Shenzhen Municipality Advisory complaints platform received consumer complaints, the consumer protection experts for you to tease out the four consumer infringement phenomenon, to remind consumers to pay attention to prevention, urged businesses to standardize the operation, the major platform to strengthen supervision, clean up the market. A false price discount is not cheap: "double 11" promotion is a price war, many consumers confused and the authenticity of the order before did not verify the discount, buyers and timely check goods related parameters, indicating that the evaluation, the final is false discount for staying up to deceive, but low discount merchandise found the goods are not cheap, panic buying even higher than the original price. Example: in November 11th, Miss Du Jingdong platform spend 359 yuan to buy an electric toothbrush, found that the commodity price is 369 yuan, and did not imagine the price discounts, down conversion is not so favorable. In accordance with the law saying: "retreat one lose three". Part of the business in order to meet the double 11, the use of loopholes in the regulation of temporary price increases, and then participate in promotional activities to reduce prices, so that consumers mistakenly believe that you can buy goods at low prices. Consumers are advised to choose relatively well-known businesses and brands. If the operator in the provision of services or goods in the process of price fraud, in accordance with the provisions of article fifty-fifth of the consumer protection law, the consumer should compensate for the loss, that is, a refund of a loss of three". Two, the "lowest price" in disguise scalping problem: part of promised consumers can buy annual "best price" goods, but "double 11" has just passed, some consumers found that, prior to the purchase of goods to the "price", the original "low" became a short commitment. Example: November 11th morning, Mr. Chen took a fancy to a mobile phone in an official flagship store, the store said the use of Tmall mobile phone special envelopes can offer 130 yuan, the actual payment of 2167.5 yuan, to the evening, but found the shop released a large number of store coupons, can receive coupons, the highest is full 2000 to send 200, directly on the decline 200 yuan. Argument: false cheap illegal behavior. If the business does promise to buy the whole year, the lowest price is not the real price, which is a breach of contract, businesses should compensate for the loss of consumers. Here, to remind the majority of business integrity management, rational assessment of the costs and benefits of promotional activities, not blindly through the low price to attract consumers, can not use their own interpretation activities change rules in the promotion process, but can not disguise scalping by various means. Three, no reason to return the difficult problem of online shopping, online shopping platform: return difficult problems to shirk responsibility and return of goods "intact" is difficult to define the consumer online shopping, some businesses to influence the two sale as an excuse not to return. Example: in November 11th, Mr. Zhao received the public相关的主题文章: