Drink three glasses of water do not get sick and healthy drinking water 3 points pppd-175

Drink three cups of water without ill health drink 3 points the weather becomes dry, pay attention to the time, in the daily drinking water is the best drink boiling water, daily tea can also be hot water, tea is actually very powerful health effects of drinking tea can not only help replenish the body effectively, but also can help to drink tea your beauty is the most important, often drink tea can help alleviate chunkun. Water without digestion can be absorbed by human body, can play the role of the most thirst. So how to drink healthy water? Here’s a look at. Drink three glasses of water do not get sick the first cup of water: skin water. Material: persimmon leaves, coix seed, puccoon. Director of the Nutrition Department of Beijing Electric Power Hospital Cui Jun recommended persimmon leaves, it has Runfei laxative effect, people often use it to make the skin often drink soup, can promote diuresis, defecate, The new supersedes the old. Go to traditional Chinese medicine store can buy. The leaves, coix seed and Lithospermum water simmer for 15 to 20 minutes, the residue after juice add sugar to taste, this bottle to the unit to drink. Coix seed skin care effect is very good. Cui Jun introduction, coix seed is rich in vitamin B1, B2, can make the skin smooth, and diuresis and eliminating edema. Before young people from acne, home for the elderly will use the Coix seed to congee, can help the skin to restore as soon as possible. In addition, there are Liangxuehuoxue, Lithospermum Qingrejiedu, slippery bowel laxative effect. Second cups of water: remove water and fire. Material: fresh hawthorn, Huaihua, fuling. Hawthorn nuclear mash, Fuling and put the pot boil for ten minutes, and then use the filter slag juice, this juice bubble Huaihua, add rock sugar on the line. Huaihua has Qingrejiedu, Liangxue Runfei effect, in the past, many places have steamed Huaihua tradition, take it as a good snack to remove the fire. In addition to clear fire, Poria and enhance the role of human immunity. This cup of water due to the addition of hawthorn, taste better, as well as lipid-lowering effect. Cui Jun said, his blood is a little high, usually take this love to drink water, light sweet, easy entrance. Third cups of water: water qingyan. Material: persimmon, Pang Dahai, jeffrey. Qingyan water is also very good. The now hot persimmon bowl inside, with lid, steam into pieces after 15 minutes, then wash with Sterculia, mashed together Luohanguo cup, with boiling water soak for 5 minutes. Pandahai, are clear for the classical fire Luohanguo, long-term drinking water, there is pain, cough swelling effect of qingyan. Cui Jun introduction, some people will choose to lotus leaf, licorice and so on, so that the taste will feel more refreshing. But need to be reminded that the persimmon persimmon has cooling, heat, relieving sore throat, is a good stuff, don’t give off. Note: the best use of these water glass: glass containing no organic chemicals in the firing process, when people use a glass of water or other drinks, do not have to worry about the chemicals will be drunk in the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria and dirt on the cup wall. The choice should be the glass cup. Appropriate drink water: the figure for women, only drink immutable and frozen white boiling water is boring, let life more fun, tea, Green Tea, or in the water add dimension.相关的主题文章: