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Fashion-Style Even better, you don’t have to have any money in it! What if every time you went shopping, you’re heart would beat faster just because you knew you were going to have to use it again? What if reaching for it in your pocket created small tingles on your skin like a thousand tiny needles were gently caressing you? What if every single time you put something in it, every single time, you felt this sweet sensation of sheer happiness and joy because you have in your possession something so cool, modern, stylish, something so street; something that others never fail to notice, never fail to ask you about it, never fail to wonder where you got it? The things you just read about in the upper paragraph are simply what happens to people who buy and use Ducti wallets every single day. It’s not just a wallet, it’s a feeling. It’s a statement that you don’t follow the rules and conventions, that you make your own way in this world dammit. Ducti has created something truly unique and desirable, which is not an easy task in today’s overcrowded modern world plagued with lousy imitations and copies all around us. Their wallets are made from duct tape, and it sounds just as crazy as it looks. See for yourself; check out this Ducti classic hybrid striper wallet in blue. It’s crazy hot, filled with street cred and a touch of something we like to call "kick-ass". Because it kicks ass. Now, the story doesn’t stop here, oh no. Ducti went a little further, so they’ve got you covered with all sorts of neat gadgets, like different kinds of bags and watches. Here’s a bag that won’t go unnoticed: Ducti messenger laptop bag with "high voltage" tape. It’s absolutely mega cool. So kick some ass on the street and scour through the largest Ducti collection on the web at .DealByEthan.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: