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The Economic Observer: "China Optics Valley" rewrite the Hubei industrial layout [Abstract]5 years, a total investment of $24 billion, located in Wuhan City, East Lake New Technology Development Zone ("China Optics Valley") the national memory base project, in December this year entered the construction phase. 5 years total investment of $24 billion, settled in Wuhan, East Lake New Technology Development Zone (China Optics Valley), the national memory base project, in December this year entered the construction phase. This breakthrough in the field of China’s mainstream memory blank project will make Optics Valley China and even the world’s most intensive electronic information industry base. Wuhan mayor Wan Yong recently said in an interview with reporters, the memory industry is one of the eight new industry development in Wuhan City, a national memory base project put into operation in 2018, is expected to be completed in 2030 monthly production capacity of 1 million. After the completion of the project, as a leader can drive the design, packaging, manufacturing and application of the chip industry related aspects of development, set in the Optics Valley area has formed the display industry, intelligent terminal industry scale, the formation of trillion – chip display – intelligent terminal industry chain ecosystem. From the birthplace of the first Chinese first optical fiber, optical transmission system, optical fiber cable, gradually developed to Chinese largest optoelectronic devices research and production base; from the "light beam" to the high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, biological medicine, new energy and environmental protection and modern service industry five new Hing Industrial agglomeration. Optics Valley, China to seize the new round of new opportunities for industrial change, the existing advantages of the optoelectronic industry into information technology, intelligent future advantages. Over the past 5 years, the average growth rate of Optics Valley optoelectronics industry more than 32%. The Chinese science and technology, such as optical fiber, such as a large number of high-quality Chutian Laser optoelectronic enterprise agglomeration in Optics Valley. During the period of 12th Five-Year, the total income of the enterprises in East Lake high tech Zone increased by an average annual rate of more than 25%, becoming the most active and fastest growing region in Hubei and central china. In the optical fiber and cable Limited by Share Ltd drawing workshop, technical staff said, here can be pulled out 3000 meters per minute speed of fiber, ranking first in the world. Zhuang Dan, President of the company, said, through the implementation of the new technology and equipment for the production of optical fiber preform intelligent transformation, preform per capita output increased by 15.3%, the per capita output of fiber increased by 47.4%, drawing speed increased by 38.9%. To light manufacturing as the representative of the new technology to improve production efficiency, but also rewrite the layout of the industry in Hubei, the province’s economic development to inject new momentum. Data show that in the first three quarters of 2016, Hubei strategic emerging industries and high-tech manufacturing enterprises increased by 10%, respectively, the output value of 22.1%, faster than the overall growth rate of 7.8 percentage points. Hubei intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicles, bio medicine and other emerging industries with an average annual growth rate of over 20%. Now Optics Valley Huaxing Power, Lenovo, HUAWEI and a number of major projects are speeding up the construction; display panel, intelligent terminals, industrial robots, virtual reality and other new industries to flourish. As the world’s largest supplier of optical fiber preform and optical fiber cable, the world’s second largest supplier, Changfei optical fiber has set up 22 overseas offices, and the establishment of overseas joint venture in Indonesia, Burma, South africa.相关的主题文章: