Eight sister Tucao 141 g surname actress filming cliff behind the truth in the end is what kairui

Eight sister Tucao 141: G surname actress filming cliff behind the truth in the end is what? Eight sister again Tucao, the netizen (Shi Xiaopei) asked sister, Ady Ann and JJ Lin are together, why even two people online hidden marriage news are exposed to it? Said There are no waves without wind., but this is too sudden to wave! I see a rare eight sister Ady Ann and JJ Lin hidden marriage 3 years of news, it is confusing, the eight sister impression, two people seem to have worked together with the box are not, if JJ Lin and Hebe are still appropriate, after all, JJ has a crush on others so long. But now two people did not like what the Hebe or the JJ as a friend, perhaps this is the legendary fate. This time Ady Ann became Mrs. Lin rather baffling, no wonder Ady Ann heard the news immediately after the response "two no intersection", also jokingly said, who can we know each other first introduced". According to the eight sisters know, Ady Ann has been busy promoting their movies, you know! See you again on Wednesday! On Wednesday, the G actress falling cliff injured news boarded the first hot search, saying that the entertainment is not very peaceful recently, a series of stars died, the accident. We saw this cliff news, almost even eight sister for gospel truth, but also in the online search G surname actress what, Gan Tingting, Shuyao Guo, Guli Nazha, Gao Yuanyuan… Guo Jingming and Gao Xiaosong… Even the netizen’s name is also listed, many from the media size is on the side of things to be adding the trimmings. Finally, insiders pointed out that the G is in "surname actress carat lovers" female two Guo Ketong, what? She is the famous actress, but I do not know how eight sisters! In fact, this news is from a cliff Tianya forum first exposed, and many from the media began to turn out large. People have said Guo Ketong, before he did shoot accidentally occurred in high-risk lens, but with the cliff but no correlation." So this news is false, it was deliberately taken out Bo concern, of course, does not rule out Guo Ketong’s team hype. Eight I found a reason, did not name the general broke the news, but only issued a letter, 80% is false! Will I dare to mention my name next time? Wang Sicong and parents for the first time with the box! Recently, online exposure of a group of Wang Sicong and the parents to attend an area Wanda opened photos, mother lin ning most happy smile, Wang Jianlin some impatient Wang Sicong seems preoccupied by some troubles. Look at our husband’s eyes only mobile phone, which is in the network to see the red beauty? Haven’t met in a long time. Recently a Mammy, recently have friends on the bus when the occasional "mammy", the netizen said "give Li Mingqi the teacher seat, Miss Li who is very good, not with a needle." Subsequently, there is a net friend ridicule: This is you let the seat did not take out the needle, ha ha, this Terrier is good, eight sisters can only say that the story and reality is still different! The following users encounter Edison brother, also dare candid…….. this week, some friends broke the encounter Edison Chan, then raised his mobile phone camera, patting patting, Edison Chan actually came up with friends photo than V. Crown o相关的主题文章: