Electric tricycle can achieve unmanned wh60a

Electric tricycle can achieve unmanned Google, Tesla, Baidu and other major global technology companies are throwing money on driverless car technology, which is also the main direction for future development. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) research team developed a new technology, can make the electric tricycle can achieve unmanned. This intelligent travel tricycle by a golf car refitted, automatic driving control system consists of three parts: 1, the use of laser radar instantaneous response to changes in the environment around the tricycle to avoid collision, and keep driving; 2, by the location positioning algorithm to generate maps and travel route; 3, scheduling the algorithm can control the tricycle, self moving, looking for the owner or number of people sharing… In a word, it’s pretty bad! At present, the automatic driving tricycle MIT corridor test, normally in a closed environment under any robot are difficult to position itself, but the MIT control system is done smoothly, so that the tricycle is not lost.相关的主题文章: