Erickson look forward to training the next Wu Lei signings are really too expensive (video)

Erickson: look forward to training the next Wu Lei really too expensive signings Erickson interview with El Eriksson winter return to regroup on Hong Kong’s first sports training Tencent Shanghai February 1st news (reporter Li Xu) on the Hong Kong Club of Jiading youth football training base inaugurated today, looking at the face of the children innocent, Hong Kong boss Erickson said: "I believe you will be out of the next Wu Lei, this is very important for the club, because now the foreign aid are too expensive (laugh)." Despite more than one year’s history, the Hong Kong Club has spared no effort to perfect the framework of the reserve personnel training framework. Not long ago, Sun Xiang, Cai Huikang’s alma mater, four primary school listing become the Hong Kong youth training base; four schools in Minhang District County Football quality also has hung on the Hong Kong Academy plaque; in addition, the club will youth radiation to surrounding Shanghai, authorized 11 for Hong Kong youth football school training base. Today the unveiling of the Jiading base has become the seventeenth academy club established, Conca also employed become Jiading youth football training charity project promotion ambassador. At the ceremony today, head coach Erickson entered the meeting and took the initiative to the children, shaking hands and hugging the children. "Never know what will happen in the future. The only thing that needs to be done is to train hard, and believe that you’re going to get out of the next Wu Lei." Erickson said, "now it’s too expensive to introduce an inside and outside aid, so you know how much your club’s youth training system is." The coach is really like — just to buy the aierkesen once refreshed in the first transfer price, and look forward to the team in the backcourt reinforcement phase delay settles, Neiyuan candidates frequently was the other club out of the price. Then, Erickson also joked about the national foot, "look at the current record of the national team, Chinese football also really need you to grow up quickly."." Last October, the Hong Kong team to Holland for more than a month of exchange game, including Faye Nord and other Dutch giants, the youth system that impressed the club management. The club executive vice president Sun Hao said that the team’s youth work will be further promotion and popularization, to achieve good results in the guarantee on the Hong Kong and vigorously and continue to carry out youth will be the focus of the club after work.

埃里克森:期待培养下个武磊 引援真的太贵了埃里克森接受采访 冬训归来重新集结 埃尔克森随上港首训 腾讯体育2月1日上海讯(记者 李旭)上港俱乐部嘉定青少年足球培训基地今天揭牌,看着孩子们稚嫩的面孔,上港主帅埃里克森说:“相信你们中间会走出下一个武磊,这对于俱乐部太重要了,因为现在的内外援都太贵了(笑)。”尽管入主球队仅一年多时间,但上港俱乐部一直不遗余力地完善后备人才培养框架的搭构。不久前,孙祥 、蔡慧康 的母校平四小学挂牌成为上港青训基地;足球优质区县闵行区内的四所学校亦先后挂上了上港青训基地的牌匾;此外,俱乐部又将青训点辐射至上海周边,授权了11家足球特色学校为上港青训基地。今天揭牌的嘉定基地则成为俱乐部建立的第17家青训基地,孔卡还受聘成为嘉定青少年足球培训公益项目推广大使。今天的仪式上,主教练埃里克森一进入会场,便主动来到孩子们中间,与孩子们握手、拥抱。“永远不知道未来会怎样,唯一需要做的就是努力训练,相信你们中间会走出下一个武磊。”埃里克森说,“现在要引进一名内外援太贵了,就知道俱乐部自己的青训体系多重要了。”主教练确实是有感而发——刚刚买入的埃尔克森一度刷新了中超转会第一身价,而球队期待在中后场的补强迟迟未能落定,相中的内援人选频频被对方俱乐部开出天价。接着,埃里克森还调侃起了国足,“看看国家队现在的战绩,中国足球也确实需要你们快快成长。”去年10月,上港梯队去往荷兰进行了为期月余的交流比赛,包括费耶诺德等荷甲豪门在内的青训体系让俱乐部管理层印象深刻。俱乐部常务副总孙昊表示,球队的青训工作还将进一步推广和普及,在保证上港继续取得好成绩的同时大力并持续开展青训将是俱乐部日后工作的重点。相关的主题文章: