Europa Intelligence Anderlecht first round away win over the field or leave force ssport

Europa Intelligence: Anderlecht first round away win over the field or leave force Thursday 009       Europa       anderlect VS Slavia Prague       2016-08-26 02:00           & nbsp;; status: Andre Hurt is a Belgian first division team League overlord level teams, but last season, poor performance, only won third league rankings, while in the Champions League match, Andre Hurt lost to the Russian team home court Rostov was eliminated. In the league, Anderlecht’s performance can only say that in general, after two straight league start the next two games and draw with rivals. Is this game starting lineup: Roiff Deschacht Gideon Donk M Laidi Mans Hanni Capell Zi Theodor Sick Puxiu kalaba twist DINK Slavia Prague 10 years ago has won two Czech League, but in recent years, Sparta Prague and Pilsen victory almost monopolized the Czech League, Slavia Prague have gradually reduced to the middle team. This season’s Czech League, Slavia Prague one game ranked eighth in the standings, and the team played home court 3:0 victory, state wonders. Is this game starting lineup: Bill kowitz Bilek Frederic Bo Lear Svento Hus Bo Azee Mu Helmy Harry Corso Che Kersh Coda Maisa Aganovich Venue: the game will be held at Anderlecht’s home court Storck stadium, is expected to match day temperature of 18 degrees, the weather is sunny. The two sides clash of history records: a week before the first round, with Andre Hurt Salalah on the road, Theodor Si Co and Hani’s goal, 3:0 away victory over Slavia Prague. Let the ball to win even negative recommendation: negative @2.06 first leg 3:0 has let both sides lost promotion suspense. For Andre Hurt, the game is to go a long, Slavia Prague will also focus on the league. The Gambling company opened a half water, both sides in the first leg of the performance support was significantly lighter, optimistic about the Prague get away. (AHA)相关的主题文章: