Fang Yuan can do Mrs. king Aaron Kwok denied work busy

Fang Yuan can do Mrs. king? Aaron Kwok denied: busy Aaron Kwok according to Hongkong media reports, the actor Aaron Kwok suit appeared in the ring, said haven’t met in a long time, and he said: "we have half a year, awards to busy filming, but also busy concert, miss you! The producer revealed there are a lot of plans today to attend the "riding" support for blood, on behalf of Hongkong Oscar for best foreign language film qualifications, a crew felt good honor, good thanksgiving. Winning or not for me is a great encouragement, is a great honor, but also give me great momentum, continue to forget the original intention to make a good movie." It is said that Aaron Kwok and his girlfriend Fang Yuan will be married in 2017, the city denied said: "not really, gossip, I myself have been good low-key, if there is good news to tell you must be. (marriage does not affect the filming?) I did not think so much, I hope you do not expect too much, mainly because they have a lot of work plans, has been to 2018. Will his girlfriend be disappointed? Don’t speak so much, the feelings of hope that we give more space to work today, I hope you understand."相关的主题文章: