Feng Mingchao, Zhang Jike, for the direct transmission of positive energy in the live at the helm of jinshen

Fan Bingbing Feng Mingchao Zhang Jike live "at the helm" positive energy transfer Tencent entertainment news the day before, to live for the name, change the taste of the Red Net find dignity "2016 shining star awards ceremony held in beijing. That night, Fan Bingbing Feng Mingchao, three Lord Zhang Jike airborne scene, with a strong new title "at the helm" live circle. National goddess Fan Bingbing, Almighty tide male, Feng Mingchao, Jin husband, respectively, as the live broadcast of the chief experience officer, chief trend officer and chief product officer". Which Feng Mingchao is the only one with his "tide" label entry. From the debut, Feng Mingchao, by virtue of its unique flavor and continue to lead the fashion trend, whenever the "soil" seems to be not posted on his side, now he founded his own tide brand has become the new trend of the times pioneer, "chief officer of his temperament is the trend of" the greatest affirmation. With the development of live, more and more stars began to integrate into the broadcast, broadcast has obviously become stars and fans interact with the most popular platform, but naturally the Daily Star and state of life, positive energy is most needed to live in.相关的主题文章: