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"Fenghua color ink" Sun Xiaobin Exhibition Beijing September Beijing exhibited more than 60 paintings in 20, named "Fenghua color ink" and "Sun Xiaobin China Exhibition" in Beijing on 18 classical Visual Art Museum held the opening ceremony. The exhibition was a total of more than 60 paintings created by Sun Xiaobin, which fully reflects the artist’s artistic achievements over the years. Sun Xiaobin childhood like calligraphy and painting, a teenager from the central museumlibrarian Dai Xiaofeng learning calligraphy apprentice, famous painter Lou Shibai learning freehand bird. Graduated from Capital Normal University, Capital Normal University, Department of calligraphy. Vice president of the Chinese painting art research institute. Sun Xiaobin is famous for painting freehand brushwork. His paintings of the origin, Bo heald, landscape painting is the gathering house long, every painting reflects the charm of his personality, and tighten fully and delightfully restrained. A mood of open, ink fusion; sketch rhyme tranquil, simple and delicate strokes, such as a product of tea. He skillfully used bold put pen to paper, flower and bird painting brushwork and carefully clean up techniques, and pick up the fine heart heavy strokes, and can convergence, Frank is not prudent to consider a unique style, reflecting his love of nature and reverence and new exploration in the artistic performance and breakthrough. In recent years Sun Xiaobin travel ten thousand miles, on a visit to Wuyuan, Tibet, Jiangnan traveled vast land of mountains and rivers, deep into life, feel natural, nature in life, learn nutrition, to draw out the snow village, Jiangnan smart, emotional and poetic works. He uses ink, use color to pay attention to the plain, with the rich expressive power of ink to communicate the relationship between form and God, concrete and abstract. From his paintings, not only read the literati painting and painting style, also read a quality suggestive of poetry or painting. In addition, Zhang Yunzhi, chief planner of the exhibition as a founder, renowned curator Zhang Zhiguo and Beijing classical visual art museum curator Wu Hua joint exhibition. Calligrapher Xia Xiangping, painter Mu Yongrui, Lu, Lu, nearly one hundred from the business community, the press, collectors, calligraphy and painting, and other circles were invited to attend the opening ceremony of the. It is reported that this exhibition will continue until September 22nd, a total of 5 days.相关的主题文章: