FIFA official website Chinese team was defeated after pressure must win Uzi (video)-roselip

FIFA official website: Chinese team was defeated after pressure must win [information] Uzi Orangemen home court 0-1 Syria Gu super attack errors gifts in October 6th, the country foot in a must win game, in Xi’an 0 1 team lost to Syria. October 7th, FIFA’s official website also commented on the game. The article argues that Gao Hongbo’s team was defeated by pressure. The official website of FIFA first introduced the basic information, the article said: "the game before the two war China and the Syria team are only 1 points, this direct dialogue, the first half goalless, Gao Hongbo’s team was defeated the audience pressure. Ma Chinese gas utilization goalkeeper Gu Chao mistakes, fifty-fourth minutes to put the ball into the net." FIFA official website article wrote, this victory can make Syria people to the high gas away to Qatar, while the Chinese team is facing away from the situation must win over Uzbekistan." The foot ball moment at the same time, the article quoted the Syria coach Hakim said: "this is a tough game, but as our commitment to the people of Syria, we got a fantastic result, we perfect play in the game, especially in the attack, we scored the first the goal of the group phase, I hope we can score more goals, get more good results."相关的主题文章: