Final fantasy 15 bounced the truth 11 years of development has 30 frames are

Final fantasy 15 bounced the truth: 11 years of development has 30 frames are difficult to "Final Fantasy" is a masterpiece of JRPG, after 11 years of development, "Final Fantasy 15" this year will finally debut, just days before the official announced that the sale was originally scheduled in September 30th postponed to November 29th. Bounced reason now gradually clear, but before the director referred to Tabata end in the disc of a perfect, but do not want to use the first patch to fill the hole, developers revealed that the current problems in FF15 is still running on the host is not stable. At present, the PS4 version of the level 900p~1080p, Xbox One 765p~900p, and the frequency hopping number exceeds the limit of quality supervision requirements, to strictly stable 30FPS SE. It is reported that the "Final Fantasy 15", a total of 15 chapters, divided into two parts, the first part is open to the world, let the game player to explore, but the second part of freedom will decline, and the game also began to focus on the narrative, the game long hours in 40-50.相关的主题文章: