Final Fantasy 15 is finally coming on November-actv

"Final Fantasy 15" has finally arrived in November as the release notice of Final Fantasy 15 area in November is the annual game frenzy of the coming months, this year is particularly lively, because 10 years of continuous bouncing "Final Fantasy 15" will be in this month on sale, I believe many of the original buddy are Wanderers hold on? In addition, this month there are "call of duty 13", "watchdog" and so on, the 2 of the wallets to be careful. Final fantasy 15 Chinese Name: Final Fantasy 15 game platform: PS4 XboxOne listing date: November 29, 2016 (Hong Kong) November 29, 2016 (USA) November 29, 2016 (Japanese version) games: the "Final Fantasy 15" is the third person shooter elements action role-playing game, the game has a broad and a seamless environment and customizable combat system, provides great freedom for game player. The game is set in modern times, but the city is like the national Lucis protagonist Noctis hails from the medieval state, otherwise only the advanced technology position. The reason for this gap is that a cold crystal started the war, the last Lucis hold. Other countries have had their own crystals, but lost them, due to the continuing conflict. Just as the end of the cold war and peace treaty countries announced by crystal, Nigeria fismes Fu accident invaded Lucis, forcing Noctis and his friends escape. In the war of national Solheim, Tenebrae and Accordo, Ni Fu fismes power to conquer the last remaining crystal, but they can leave the city Noctis trying to stop them before. Phyllis Studio: unbelievable journey alchemist Chinese Name: Phyllis Studio: unbelievable journey alchemist game name: Atelier Firis:The Alchemist of the Mysterious genre: role-playing game platform: PS4 listing date: November 2016 02 (Japanese version): Super Dragon Ball Universe 2 Chinese Name: the name of the game Super Dragon Ball: Universe 2 Dragon: Ball:Xenoverse 2 game types: fighting game platform: PS4 listing date: November 2016 02 (Japan) in December 2016 01 (Hong Kong) "Dragon Ball universe: Super 2" is a by Namco Bandai production and distribution of fighting games, this is the "Dragon Ball: second sequel super universe" the. In addition to the role of the game in the original comics, such as Sun Wukong, the role of the original comic, but also the same as the previous work to support the player’s original role. This navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Final fantasy 15 mission call 13: unlimited war Chinese Name: Call of Duty: no 13.相关的主题文章: