Follow the tour doctor to find Lao Ji’nan time-honored

Liu E’s "travels of Laocan" is vividly depicts a society in the late Qing Dynasty Ji Nanfu custom picture. The written Laocan live inn "promotion store, exchange or store than silver ticket number," Rishengchang "and" Paper Fan Zhuang Rong Tang ", is the real store there is no.. But behind the three time-honored also hides some legends, it is not difficult to see from the rise and fall of the changes since the late Qing Dynasty Ji’nan traditional industry and commerce.


Liu e twenty-eight years Guangxu 46 years, in Shanghai, is now working hard to write fiction "travels of Laocan"

"travels of Laocan" in the description of folk customs of Ji’nan during late Qing Dynasty, wrote that three stores hall. This three time-honored shops, banks were soaring Inn Ri Shengchang and Fan Zhuang tolerance hall, was involved in Ji’nan’s hotel industry, financial industry and stationery industry, each of which appear in the novel second and fourteenth back.

In the book

second begins, Laocan to every spring, huhuchuiyang of the Ji’nan government, when the day came to the small buzhengsi street, first find a company named "high shop" Inn stay. Lao carry in ancient thousand (Boxing) Huang Rui and cure for his one thousand and two hundred money, stay after quit force driver, will be temporarily stored in store promotion money. But after a few days to feel uneasy, and then removed from the eight hundred and twenty to get the pre hospital street "Rishengchang" draft bill to let its exchange village, returning home to southern Xuzhou (Dantu). Later, back in Fourteenth and wrote, Lao and Huang Renrui in a hotel in Qihe to negotiate for prostitutes Tracy ring ransom, said he was in the capital of Ji’nan have the capacity hall also holds a four hundred and twenty shekels of silver, can be all taken out for ransom of emerald ring.

"travels of Laocan" is a novel, but the characters of multiple events, there is a person true. Just name or deposit, or changed their names. The custom is to write all facts, not fiction It is sheer fiction. As the author says: "unofficial history, the history of the supplement also missing. Who can support the business card is false, "(" travels of Laocan "thirteenth back to the original rating). Therefore, it can be inferred that three stores and played the real existence when there is no problem. Of course, the novel is just a novel, the novel Laocan travel doctor lived Liu E has stayed not store promotion. There are also such as volume hall and reachall view. But one thing is certain, three shops were quite famous at the time, Liu E has a considerable observation and understanding of it, when the old Ji’nan undoubtedly.


The chief secretary is

tube Qianliang offices, because the governor of Yamen West, there are people called West division". Anchasi is the jail in the yamen, governor of Yamen East, so it can be called the East division". The governor is also called "Fu yamen old school", the so-called "pre hospital street" Fu Street in front of the hospital. When the western division and the division between the East Street is the most prosperous in Ji’nan prefecture;