For the transfer of the explosion door attention Samsung released S8 posters plants war

For the transfer of the blast door attention Samsung released ahead of S8 poster at present, Samsung seems to have no way to let what Galaxy Note 7 to regain the trust of users, therefore, if the consumer’s attention to next year’s Galaxy S8, for Samsung should be a good idea. Tencent digital news (Translation: A. in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note) 7 in the "explosion door", we for the Samsung’s new tablet mobile phone seems to have gradually disappointed. Recently there have been news that the second batch of "recall" after Galaxy Note 7 again the news of the explosion, and the operators are considering AT& T may even cancel all Galaxy Note 7 sales to avoid more trouble. At present, the United States four most of the telecom operators to provide Galaxy Note 7 to replace any of a new mobile phone service for users, and last week in the Southwest Airlines flight, and passenger Galaxy Note 7 had the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion, which once again let us on the Samsung flagship deeply disappointed. The Galaxy Note 7 explosion door not only allows Samsung suffered billions of dollars in losses, but also for the company’s future brand influence has a very large negative impact. In order to re focus the attention of the outside world to more positive news, Samsung recently released a promotional poster Galaxy S8 conference. From the poster, Samsung’s next flagship will be unveiled in February 26th next year, the MWC2017 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, but also a new product Galaxy series. Currently, Samsung seems to have no way to let Galaxy Note 7 regain the trust of the user, after all, was replaced after the original version of the new Note is considered safe Galaxy also has the possibility of burning. Therefore, if you can shift the attention of consumers to next year’s Galaxy S8 body, it should be a good idea for samsung. After all, Samsung is now in need of a truly secure and convincing new product to reverse the current unfavorable situation.相关的主题文章: