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Foreign media: buy more difficult than   near harvard harvard; 3 million 500 thousand can only buy Liangju real estate — original title: foreign media: Harvard near Harvard is more difficult than buying 3 million 500 thousand can only buy Liangju Reference News Network September 3 news media said, the Harvard Institute in Cambridge city in March this year, the median price of $2 million 220 thousand. Go up 45% year-on-year. 3 million 500 thousand RMB ($520 thousand) can only buy a two bedroom apartment in downtown. According to the British "Financial Times" reported in September 2nd, Harvard University for hundreds of years in Massachusetts, thriving Cambridge, Cambridge this flourishing "land" and Boston across the Charles river. Today, Harvard University received a total of $37 billion 600 million (the highest global), per year for each student’s tuition fees of up to $63 thousand and 25 (in the United States is one of the best), making it a full American rich young people most place to get together. In fact, the only thing that’s harder than getting into Harvard might be to find a room nearby. Harvard this year, the proportion of only 5.2%, the lowest in history. According to the association of Massachusetts real estate broker: Cambridge in March this year, the median price of $2 million 220 thousand, up 45.9% year-on-year biao. Harvard University is a direct impact on the trend of prices in Cambridge locomotive." Remax Destiny home agent Stephen Rankin (Stephen Rankin) said?. Here prices rose almost directly related to the ranking of Harvard University in the United States universities." However, another major factor in the past year housing prices soared to promote Cambridge economic pattern change rapidly. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are high-tech companies together together with this pitch camp which aims to attract young people, Harvard and other prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The online retail giant Amazon (Amazon) in the office area with 100 thousand square feet, and the high-tech company Google (Google) is the expansion of 40 thousand square feet of office space. The company Microsoft (Microsoft) and IBM also built a scientific research base, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (Pfizer) and Novartis (Novartis), employs a large number of local staff. "The new company created a large number of high paying jobs, driven by local real high-end housing market." Compass housing brokerage firm Cambridge branch Christian (Christian Jones) said. Coldwell Banker (Coldwell Banker) adjacent to a Harvard Square Three Bedroom residential launched, priced up to $2 million 380 thousand. Since 2006 the real estate market started, the houses here are increasingly in short supply, the biggest problem facing property buyers is still for sale in Cambridge gradually reduced, Coldwell Banker broker Gail Roberts said?. "The new houses can be sold for about a week." She said, "low inventory and prices continued to rise in recent years Cambridge has created several decades the most tight market situation. ")相关的主题文章: