Former director of the the Imperial Palace in Taipei hired Beijing the Imperial Palace consultant, l exit safe mode

Taipei the Imperial Palace: former dean of Beijing the Imperial Palace hired consultants, to keep a secret – Sohu reading according to Taiwan media reported on September 8th, Taipei Museum of the Imperial Palace before the day before President Feng Mingzhu hired Beijing the Imperial Palace consultant, vice president Li Jinghui of Taipei the Imperial Palace on the morning of 8: note that the the Imperial Palace in Taipei had "no knowledge", but Feng Mingzhu went to mainland travel without the Imperial Palace approved, only hope that she kept confidential duties in 30 years, "Taiwan the Imperial Palace people read, strictly confidential service protection and maintenance of the rights and interests of the Imperial Palace." Feng Mingzhu (information) Feng Mingzhu was invited to visit the mainland, and in September 6th, 7 in Beijing, the Imperial Palace Museum offered two lectures "on" the times "and" cultural and creative development of "historical interpretation and Exhibition: the story of" Qing Ren relics exhibition ". 7 days after the end of the lecture, Beijing the Imperial Palace Research Institute president Zheng Xinmiao will offer solemnly handed the hands of Feng Mingzhu. "Yesterday (6 days) Dean Shan Jixiang ask me as the Imperial Palace Institute consultant, said can give me time to consider a day, I immediately agreed — Beijing the Imperial Palace invited me as a consultant, this is my honor," Feng Mingzhu said, "my life is almost always work at the museum, the Museum is the cause I am most familiar with is the most love, will try to know, to serve as the advisor." However, originally said "no problem", "Feng employment rights" the Imperial Palace of Taipei vice president Li Jinghui, today (8) morning to return to the supplement, referring to Feng Mingzhu China and hired consultants, did not apply to the Imperial Palace or the Imperial Palace, "know nothing".相关的主题文章: