From Hulun Buir National Tourism Resort ten prairie in Beijing – in the top

From "Hulun Buir National Tourism Resort ten" prairie in Inner Mongolia prairie Hulun Buir Beijing Top – endless. "Eleven" National Day holiday crazy strikes, you are still playing for where to worry about it? Recently, netizens voted out of the "ten National Tourism Resort, Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir prairie, Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang, Guizhou Liupanshui, Shanghai Jiuzhaigou, Fujian Sichuan Disney Park, Xiamen Gulangyu Islet, Zhejiang Hangzhou, West Lake, Guangxi, Tibet, Hunan, Changde Guilin Scenery Potala Palace the Peach Garden town and other 10 scenic spots were selected, triggering hot tour pal. Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang bar. In the selection of the "ten National Tourism Resort, Hulun Buir prairie with a high number of votes in the top spot, Hulun Buir prairie autumn, like a beautiful painting, there is a vast green, rolling Greater Khingan Range, and the beautiful Hulun Lake and Baer lake, you can eat Roast Lamb Leg. Drinking horse milk wine, Mongolia sleep bag, people in the eyes of the North Jasper and Sheng an earthly paradise. Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang in the second place, it seems to give the impression of Lijiang is "affairs", but there are very ethnic characteristics of the residential, can let visitors enjoy China ancient architectural art, but also experience a variety of ethnic customs and recreational activities, you will be unable to restrain the emotions admiration the ancient city of profound cultural heritage. A "China Liangdu" of the Guizhou Liupanshui ranked third, Liupanshui people from summer vacation paradise, where there is a magic stone Shengshu, magnificent Diao Feng, Shuicheng pan delicious, yearning to the heart of Meihua Mountain, is a real people do not want to leave the city. "Jin Yong" carved "The legend of Condor Hero brother" inspired Guizhou Zhao Xiang Diao Feng six moon. In addition, as the first Disney Park in mainland China, Shanghai is naturally a good place for vacation to play, it is therefore ranked ten National Tourism Resort, the fourth place in the world. In fifth place is beautiful and dreamlike Sichuan Jiuzhaigou, green sea, color forest, Xuefeng, waterfall and Tibetan Jiuzhaigou five, like a fairyland, let you buxucixing. Xiamen Gulangyu Islet ranked sixth, in addition to enjoy the sun and the beach, eating seafood is also essential. Zhejiang, West Lake, Guangxi, Guilin Scenery, Potala Palace, Hunan, the Peach Garden, Changde, is divided into ten national tourism destination of the seven to the ten place of the. The selection of the "ten National Tourism Resort" 1, Inner Mongolia Hulun Buir prairie, Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang 3, Guizhou 2 Liupanshui 4, Shanghai 5, Jiuzhaigou 6 Disney Park Sichuan, Fujian Xiamen, Zhejiang Hangzhou Gulangyu Islet 7, West Lake 8, Guangxi 9, Tibet 10, Guilin Scenery Potala Palace Hunan the Peach Garden in Changde相关的主题文章: