From Shangqiu to Beijing, there is also the fastest high-speed rail only 4 hours and 35 minutes (vid 1256789

From Shangqiu to Beijing high-speed rail is also the fastest only 4 hours and 35 minutes Henan daily news (reporter Chen Shiang) November 10th, Shangqiu to the high-speed rail is also the. Thanks to the opening of Zheng Xu Gaotie, in November 10th, Shangqiu will be the first trip to Beijing to start high-speed rail train. Specific trips, Shangqiu – Beijing West G1561 times, 7:33, 12:34 in the west of Beijing, Xu Zheng stops off special civil rights (7:48~7:51), North Lan Kaonan (8:03~8:05), Kaifeng North (8:22~8:25), Zhengzhou East (8:46~9:05); Beijing West – Shangqiu G1559 times, 9:13 in West Beijing, Shangqiu 13:48 to stop in Zheng Xu passenger dedicated Zhengzhou East (12:18~12:30), Kaifeng North (12:50~12:52) and Lan Kaonan (13:08~13:19). But before that, Shangqiu bound for Beijing train, the fastest also need 7 hours and 47 minutes. After the high-speed train between Shangqiu and Beijing opened, the fastest between the two places only 4 hours and 35 minutes. Video: Zheng Xugao iron on foreign media headlines, Shangqiu is only 45 minutes today to Zhengzhou: Qinyang sixtieth old infraredimages three years to save 2000 yuan back to the street today hot news: Nanyang two huoleifeng woman to the supermarket when their own wardrobe while visiting side man stealing clothes to account not cool two mobile phone broke others jailed for three months long sister-in-law as a mother of Kaifeng women 15 years taking care of mentally retarded brother-in-law Nanyang old Lai exposure briefless active repayment for delete blacklist four door "ghost village" Adventure Tour pal lost trapped mountains Henan recommended: a set of solicitation to shoot Eleven: Double Dog abuse [theme] edition now you either single or the single has been off, must have experienced or are experiencing abuse by couples, photographed show loving couple (street kiss) picture, express your masochistic mood! Contribution email: dywypjh@qq, specify the subject of submission, the location of the shooting and the name of the photographer, contact information, such as a brief note. Henan card glory birth: Henan cold weather to hot springs idle away in seeking pleasure over the flowers fragrant spring only 10 yuan net Henan there is such a special service, come and see. > > > >相关的主题文章: