” funny goddess ” Sheenah also love to cry I will be moved by some of the warmth of others dxperience

" funny goddess " Sheenah: I would love to cry because some warm others moved — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Sheenah funny goddess cry also Hunan TV, "we have come to the" this Friday will usher in Xinjiang wrap station. As many funny goddess in play, Sheenah is the active atmosphere of the master in the two quarter, but with a funny and funny gift for the hearts and minds of the goddess and gain a lot of fans. Sheenah said in an interview recently, has been widely recognized by users, the talent is to imitate the gander, was holding the performance cut slightly embarrassed active mind pure breakfast atmosphere, but has become a highlight of the first quarter. As for whether there will be another third quarters will participate, Sheenah’s answer is yes, because this program left memories are good, the experience is happy. In the program the ending time, is the most sentimental moments. According to Nana, the last stop in Xinjiang, Carina Lau gave each guest her gift, a gift to myself in a small card, the card to Nana, the last sentence is "you remember to take care of yourself". For this sudden care and warmth, but also because they do not know how to take care of themselves, easily moved to Nana immediately crying into tears. Asked whether he was crying, Nana strongly opposed: "I did not cry, because I never have what pressure or grievance cry, I will give some others moved because of my warm and moved, it is moved." In front of the Dalian Railway Station, Sheenah’s fans, as a mysterious guest appearance of Zhang Jike, in addition to surprise or surprise to bring to Sheenah. Asked whether Zhang Jie will be jealous, Nana said no, she said, Zhang Jiejiao Zhang Jike and Zhang Jikejiao Zhang Jie singing, playing table tennis, your friendship is very good. For the final phase of the program will be broadcast on Friday, Sheenah said all don’t give up, as the two season of "veteran" goddess, she said: "the two season I feel particularly good, without any unpleasant experiences, so I love" Idol "," we come "." Dialogue Sheenah Beijing morning news: what has been busy in the past, ah, after the recording of the program and the sisters contact more than you do? Nana Sheenah: done after you are busy with their respective, but we are in contact with WeChat to greet each other; a cold jokes all the fun will be sent to the group; who’s birthday will be inside the blessing, from time to time inside chat. Some time ago, Ada Choi also sent me a new photo sent to the group, she should not be jealous only hate me, because I learned to talk around her, she said she did not say that. Beijing morning news: have you ever thought about saving a bureau, the first quarter, the second quarter of the goddess who are about to get together? Sheenah: it’s hard to save this bureau. At the end of the first quarter, the goddess of the first quarter said about the game, but it is not a date, because it is difficult to make an appointment. I think this bureau can only be handed over to Chen Ruhan, that is, our director, see if you can save the first, the two quarter of the board. Beijing Morning Post: you are the only one to participate in the two quarter of the recording of the guests, will feel相关的主题文章: