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Womens-Issues With so many maternity designs offered to pregnant women these days, its no longer right to believe that being pregnant must mean you .promise either your .fort or your style. Most high-street brands offer maternity lines and there are a huge variety of specialist maternity stores and labels putting your needs first. So youre certain to found something you like, but is it worth buying it for a few months? There is no set time to begin wearing a nursing top or other maternity wear, many women wear their regular clothes for most of their pregnancy, unbuttoning their trousers or jeans and donning loose fitting tops. But if you invest sooner rather than later you will get your moneys worth and will be able to enjoy the .fort which maternity and nursing wear can offer. So when the time has .e to step towards the maternity section, this is our guide to the essentials you will need in your wardrobe. A nursing top is one of the best buys you will make during your pregnancy. Buying a nursing top will gently hug your midriff instead of .pletely drowning your figure, which is the effect that plus size, loose fitting or mens clothing can give. Look for nursing tops in breathable cotton or with elastic, spandex or Lycra for stretch. Nursing tops which stretch are not only the most .fy, but they will be wearable for the entire pregnancy (and afterwards) through all of your shapes and sizes. Another advantage to wearing a nursing top is that they are longer in the body, so they will cover your bump no matter how big it gets! Modern day nursing tops offer a huge range of feeding options too. Maternity/nursing tops are excellent investments because they will last you throughout your babys breastfeeding stage as well as your pregnancy. There are thousands of types out there with special concealed nursing openings, ideal for breastfeeding in public or in a hurry. Access in nursing tops can be gained from the empire line, side seam, neckline, or front for example, so there is sure to be one to suit you and your baby. They can be so concealed that it is impossible to see the fabric join when not breastfeeding. Because of how successfully hidden the openings are, and because nursing tops are designed not only for pregnancy but afterwards too, they have enough stretch to be worn whether your belly is about to pop or .pletely flat! So you can wear your nursing top indefinitely, not only for 9 months. Nursing dresses are a great alternative to nursing tops if you are one of the many women who find trousers and jeans un.fortable during pregnancy. Wear with opaque black maternity tights to take you through autumn and winter. Maternity jeans or trousers are not as essential to your pregnancy, but elasticated waistbands are great in the .fort stakes. However, if you truly want to make the most of your pregnancy wardrobe then buy a belly band. The inexpensive elasticated wide belts can cover your bump to prevent accidentally flashing it if your nursing tops ride up, and they also offer support to your bump from underneath. Belly bands are also perfect for hiding open trouser fastenings on those days where the fabric just wont stretch! So there are lots of options for looking stylish and feeling .fortable without feeling as if you are throwing away money at a time when you need to save every penny you have. Nursing tops and belly bands will see you through a fashionable pregnancy, and nursing tops are stretchy enough for the entire breastfeeding stage and perhaps even afterwards. And you never know when you might need maternity wear again in the future anyway! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: