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The girls do face easily create exquisite face – lift Sohu has become a required course for many of the MM, then the fastest way to face what are the girls? PCLADY slimming editor to help you. Indeed, a lot of MM is slim, with only chubby face and fat illusion. A fat face destroyed whole, which depend on the girls face the fastest way, so to create exquisite face. Girls face lift the fastest method of face lift, sports face lift exercise can help you strengthen facial muscle exercise, a few simple skills can move your little face up. 1. toot mouth, tighten the cheeks, let the facial muscles sag. Eyes as big as possible, learning goldfish spit bubbles when the mouth type, adhere to 10 seconds, and then relax, repeat 3 times. 2. open your mouth and do the pronunciation of "a", "O", "I", "U", "WA", and exaggerate the expression, which can stimulate the circulation of the face blood and lymph. 3. you heard me smile, smile can also face lift. It’s a simple expression, and I’m sure everyone will do it. You just need to relax nature two, upper and lower teeth, chin slightly raised, mouth slightly higher, natural stretch buccinator elevation, V face out of it. Girls face lift the fastest method of face lift massage exercises introduce a set of face lift massage exercises to everyone, can help you fast face lift, become a little beauty Oh! 1. coated with a face lift cream, relax facial muscles. Massage begins from the lower jaw to the ear, and then to the forehead as the center point to the lateral massage. The massage method of the eye is from the nose to the corner of the eye to do the rotary massage. 2. press the clavicle depression with palm or finger to stimulate the lymph. If the nail is too long, then use the "finger belly" tightly press down the clavicle depression, 3 seconds after the release of fingers, do 3 times. 3. use the thumb to lift the depression on both sides of the jaw. All the weight of the head is supported by thumb, that is, thumb holding head, each action for 3 seconds, do the same 3 times. 4. press the depression of the lower jaw up. Along the face line upward pressure, let the facial line gradually clear up, action to be powerful, but to avoid stabbing the chin depression, do the same 3 times, each time do 3 seconds. 5. gently touch from the lower jaw to the ear. From the lower jaw to the ears back, and then from the nose on both sides of the cheekbones to the depression, and finally back to the ear, smoothly massage back and forth, back and forth to do 10. 6. massage forehead. With the index finger, middle finger, ring finger three fingers, gently cross forehead massage, do 10 back and forth, let the forehead stretch. 7. the inner canthus presses down with the thumb. With the thumb tightly down the inner corner of the pressure, so that the eyelid muscles become tight, but pay attention to the eyes to relax, do 3 times, 3 seconds each time. 8. gently press from the inner canthus to the outer canthus. Tighten the skin of the eye, and press down the bone line below your eyes. From the inner canthus to the outer corner of the eye, from the inside to the outside press, do 3 times, 3 seconds each time. 9. along the brow massage eyelids. Two eyebrows with the index finger light pressure, along the top of the eye bone, massage to the eye end. Do likewise.

女生瘦脸这样做 轻松打造精致瓜子脸-搜狐   瘦脸成了许多MM们的必修课,那么女生瘦脸的最快方法有哪些呢?PCLADY瘦身编辑来帮你。确实,很多MM身材苗条,唯独脸上肉嘟嘟,给人胖胖的错觉。一胖脸毁整体,这就要靠女生瘦脸的最快方法了,精致小巧的瓜子脸这样打造。      女生瘦脸的最快方法之瘦脸运动   瘦脸运动能帮助你加强脸部肌肉锻炼,简单几个小技巧能你的小脸动起来。   1.嘟嘴   嘟起嘴巴,收紧脸颊,让脸部肌肉凹陷。眼睛尽量张大,学着金鱼吐气泡时候的嘴型,坚持10秒,然后放松,重复做3次。   2.张嘴   张大嘴巴做“a”“o”“i”“u”“wa”的发音,表情尽量夸张,这样能够刺激脸部血液和淋巴的循环。   3.微笑   你没听错,微笑也是可以瘦脸的。这个表情很简单,相信大家都会做。你只需要自然放松两部,上下牙齿咬合,下巴稍稍上抬,嘴角微微上扬,颊肌自然被拉伸抬高,V字脸型就出来啦。      女生瘦脸的最快方法之瘦脸按摩操   介绍一套瘦脸按摩操给大家,能帮大家快速瘦脸,成为小脸美人哦!   1.涂上瘦脸霜,放松脸部肌肉。按摩从下颚开始,到耳边,然后再以额头为中心点向外侧按摩。眼周的按摩方法是从鼻子到眼角两侧做旋转式按摩。   2.用手掌或手指按压锁骨凹陷处,刺激淋巴。如果指甲太长,则用“手指肚”紧紧压住锁骨的凹陷处,3秒钟后放开手指,连续做3次。   3.用大拇指顶起下颚两侧的凹陷处。将头部的重量全部由大拇指来支撑,也就是用大拇指托起头部,每次动作3秒钟,同样做3次。   4.将下颚的凹陷处往上压。顺着脸的线条向上压,让脸部线条逐渐清晰起来,动作要有力但避免戳伤下巴的凹陷处,同样做3次,每次做3秒钟。   5.从下颚到耳边轻轻抚摸。从下颚到耳根背后,再从鼻翼两侧到颧骨下的凹陷处,最后回到耳边,做来回的平滑按摩,做10个来回。   6.按摩额头。用食指、中指、无名指三根手指,轻轻横向按摩额头,做10个来回,让额头舒展开来。   7.内眼角用大拇指往下压。用大拇指紧紧将内眼角往下压,让眼皮的肌肉变得紧实,但注意眼睛要放松,做3次,每次3秒。   8.从内眼角到外眼角轻轻按压。紧实眼部肌肤,一定要沿着眼睛下方的骨线往下压。从内眼角到外眼角,由内到外地按压,做3次,每次3秒。   9.沿着眉骨按摩眼皮。两眉用食指轻压,要沿着眼睛的上方骨,按摩到眼尾处。同样做3次,每次3秒钟。相关的主题文章: