God half hundred percent hit rate for the moment Tianjin begged Ji Zhe mmhouse

God half hundred percent hit rate for the moment Tianjin " change; Ji zhe " since the start of the season, the domestic players with their excellent performance and constantly refresh the record, let people see the wonderful CBA does not belong to foreign aid. CBA in the fifth round of Beijing Tianjin Derby, zhe Ji became the absolute highlight of the domestic players, only half of the game he scored 21 points, more incredible is the hit rate of 100%, the three pointer three shots, two ball 6 throw in 6. If the second half team Tianjin foreign aid Taylor brave play, the Beijing team has almost Ji zhe first half performance to clinch victory. Since the beginning of the game, the domestic players to score a lot of scores, but there is such an amazing half efficiency. Zhe Ji could not deduction full 100% hit rate is the number of signs because the team is the Tianjin team launched pursuit in the beginning of the third quarter, rather than on the outside to give up in the round robin opponents defensive Maradona also to interference zhe Ji, the two time he is also under the interference of 3 ball shot. When Ji zhe half frequently hit, the Beijing team was leading 20 points, as in section fourth and Ji zhe opponent of foreign aid to fight, he never received a mobile phone, a team is a person carry forward in the shoulder, was nearly rivals. The game from the beginning is full of gunpowder, almost the first minutes, both sides will require looking back at the line, in such a tense atmosphere, immediately into the game tend to decide the outcome of the game. Zhe Ji is stand up at this time, from the first vacancy has hit, Ji zhe hand gradually hot. This of course will not be ignored because Marbury, Tianjin first team Sonny and Tian Lei inside partner height is insufficient, in order to ensure the rebounds frequently contraction, every breakthrough the old ball almost can be found in ambush near the three point line Ji zhe zhe Ji, is also a time to throw the ball into the basket. The first section, the Tianjin team was almost zhe Ji terrorist hit rate hit panicked, Beijing team 30 points, Ji zhe a person with 14 points. In section second, when the Tianjin team started to show their three aid power, they found Ji zhe still in scoring. The game with the Beijing team, the Tianjin team position this season is the largest capital Asian foreign aid, but on zhe Ji, Sonny attack strong keep weak completely unable to reflect the advantage, Ji zhe high hit rate also let Sonny short board is becoming more and more serious, the Beijing team will be their weaknesses into the strongest part. In the continuous score at the same time, Ji zhe also repeatedly caused Sonny’s mistake, Sonny scored 8 turnovers. In the league, Ji zhe because once caused Qingdao home court shouting "change zhe Ji" on Mcgrady shook her finger, the slogan of this rapid development to every team and Beijing team home court. Tens of thousands of people chanting "zhe Ji" scenes are often seen in CBA, and even caused some psychological impact on zhe Ji himself. Today, Tianjin’s home court, no fans shouting "change zhe Ji" but Tianjin fans psychology sincerely want to get the horror hit rate of zhe Ji off. (Sohu sports Zhao Botao)相关的主题文章: