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Gong Hanlin’s preparations for the same theme song – shoot fresh entertainment "Beijing security Sohu"   Sohu entertainment news by Gong Hanlin investment in three new board company, Beijing North entertainment Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the North Point entertainment) is planning to shoot the first domestic security theme comedy drama "small Beijing" security. The company signed artists Zhang Zhehua, Du Shuai has been identified. The day before the official announcement of the drama theme song of the same name "small Beijing" security. It is reported that the theme song is sung by the young singer Su Dawei, chairman Zhu Shaoyu, director of entertainment North Point lyricist, senior rock musician composer Luo Yan, three people for the first time together to complete this song with a strong flavor of Beijing theme song, it is worth mentioning that the song adds played by Luo Yan himself makes the art of Sanxian, the song is more high. The selection of the song to sing is also a certain source. Su Dawei was a famous art troupe of Beijing signed the contract after the end of the singer left the ensemble, by chance, to participate in large fans meeting in North Point entertainment, as a temporary security field, because of its excellent shape and calm personality, Zhu Yu was less director as a formal staff point of entertainment the. Recorded the theme song day invited many singers rehearsal, but the effect is not good, Su Dawei after listening to a few times, he boldly proposed by him to an audition, I did not expect this to sing, let all people are shocked, voice of the song fit Su Dawei rough husky, director Zhu Shaoyu on the spot decided by him the concert, he said: "Su Dawei with their own security experience, sing the security work in sour, sweet, bitter, hot, but also to sing we want to convey to the audience, the security does not seem glamorous occupation, but it contains one of the ordinary people can do extraordinary results in the extraordinary position in the dream." It is understood that this drama will be a hot topic in life is presented in a comedic way, with people of all ages from bursting point, work out the life status of various security index groups; so that we feel the city is not cold, there is good in the world. At the same time, it is from a fresh perspective to promote civilization, rule of law, professionalism, integrity, friendliness and other socialist core values. As the first domestic security theme comedy drama, we expect to be able to appear on the big screen as soon as possible, so that more viewers feel the drama full of sincerity, we wait and see.   相关的主题文章: