Guang’an 8 year old girl poisoned by bathing brain death, parents donated her daughter organs (video vy canis majoris

During the period of brain death induced by parents donated her organs of National Day holiday, Guang’an 8 year old girl bath poisoning, Guang’an (micro-blog) Huaying City tragedy occurred, a 8 year old little girl alone at home when bathing, suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, after the medical staff rescue after the diagnosis of brain death. In the end, the little girl’s parents decided to donate her daughter’s organs so that her life would continue on others. The tragedy occurred in the evening of October 1st, a town of Guang’an Huaying City, 8 year old Xiao Ya LAN alone at home watching TV, she did not take a bath, not far from home with his parents to a party at a friend’s home. Xiao Lan’s father Xu said, "home is a gas tank, gas tank and bath water heaters are outside the bathroom.". Around 8:40 that evening, Mr. Xu told his daughter, and then left home with his wife. Around 12:30 in the evening, when Mr. Xu and his wife came home, they found that the daughter had fallen on the floor of the bathroom. Mr. Xu quickly picked up his daughter, but his daughter was cold and vague. Xu and his wife rushed to the town hospital with their daughter, and then went to Guang’an People’s Hospital for treatment. In the afternoon of October 2nd, under the advice of the doctor, Xiao Ya Lan was sent to Chongqing for the rescue of the big hospital, but the small haze finally caused by carbon monoxide poisoning is too deep, resulting in severe hypoxia in the brain, diagnosed by doctors as brain death. "If we can cure her, even if we spend more money, we will not give up."." Mr. Xu said that he had two daughters, the eldest daughter is currently in Chengdu to university, the youngest daughter Lan Lan although very young, but very sensible self-reliance, rarely let him and his wife worry. The moment the doctor told him that Lan Lan had died, the couple felt that the sky would fall. Finally, Mr. Xu and his wife to discuss, decided to take part of the daughter organs (two kidneys, 1 liver, 1 pairs of cornea) donated, so that her daughter’s life continued in others. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Chao editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, 22 years old Chaoshan guy died, donated organs to save many people, medical staff lined up for silence

广安8岁女孩洗澡中毒致脑死亡 父母捐献女儿器官 国庆长假期间,广安(微博)华蓥市发生一起悲剧,一名8岁小女孩独自在家洗澡时,遭遇一氧化碳中毒,经医护人员全力抢救后诊断为脑死亡。最终,小女孩的父母做出决定,将女儿的器官捐献出来,让她的生命在其他人身上得到延续。 悲剧发生在10月1日晚上,广安华蓥市某镇,8岁的小娅岚独自一人待在家里看电视、洗澡,她没有随父母到离家不远的朋友家参加聚会。小娅岚的父亲徐先生说,家里用的是煤气罐,气罐和洗澡的热水器均在卫生间外面。当晚8时40分左右,徐先生在对女儿进行了一番叮嘱后,便和妻子离开家。 晚上12时30分左右,徐先生和妻子回到家里时,发现女儿竟然倒在卫生间的地板上,徐先生赶紧抱起女儿,但女儿此时已经浑身冰凉,意识模糊。徐先生和妻子抱着女儿赶到镇医院,之后又转到广安市人民医院抢救。10月2日下午,在医生的建议下,小娅岚被送往重庆的大医院接受抢救,但小娅岚最终因一氧化碳中毒太深导致大脑严重缺氧,经医生诊断为脑死亡。 “如果能治好她,即便花再多的钱,我们也不会放弃。”徐先生说,自己有两个女儿,大女儿目前在成都上大学,小女儿娅岚尽管年龄小,但非常懂事自立,很少让他和妻子操心。 在被医生告知小娅岚已经脑死亡的那一刻,夫妻俩感觉天都要塌下来了。最终,徐先生和妻子商量,决定将女儿身上的部分器官(两个肾脏、1个肝脏、1对角膜)捐献出来,让女儿的生命在他人身上得到延续。 成都商报记者 王超编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 22岁潮汕小伙去世捐献器官救多人 医务人员列队默哀相关的主题文章: