Guangxi introduced a taxi oil supplement approach Nanning 7360 taxi subsidies

The introduction of Guangxi taxi oil supplement measures of Nanning 7360 taxi subsidies Nanning News – Nanning evening news (reporter Meng Juanjuan) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Regional Department of finance, "on the issuance of rural passenger taxi industry 2015 annual oil price reform subsidies do notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") recently released. "Notice" clear rural road passenger vehicles subsidy standard of 91.67 yuan to determine, a month, the city taxi subsidy standard is 1197.54 yuan / month car, at the same time to many industries including taxis, rural passenger transport, the subsidy policy adjustment, the price of oil and oil subsidies and no longer linked and decreased year by year. According to the year before the payment of subsidies last year, the notice to determine the subsidy time are from January 1, 2015 to December 31st, a one-time subsidy. Taxi subsidies for handling administrative licensing and approval procedures have been in operation to undertake specific fuel expenditure of city taxi operators (refers to the qualification of taxi operation according to the legal operation of enterprises or individuals, to provide taxi service for the majority of urban residents). 2015, Nanning City, a total of 7360 taxis can receive subsidies, subsidies for the standard car of $1197.54, the total subsidy amount of 97 million 497 thousand and 300 yuan. In rural road passenger subsidies, subsidies for the object has been in 2015 for administrative approval procedures and the operation of the rural passenger transport through the qualification review. Rural passenger transport operators refers to the business qualification of road passenger transport in accordance with the law, in the county or county between adjacent fixed road passenger transport line operation, or permission to in the county or counties adjacent to one specific area of operations, the line starting point at least one end of the road in rural passenger transport business enterprises or individuals. Among them, the rural areas, including the township, village level administrative divisions, but does not include the Township People’s governments above the county level or in the urban rural areas. Rural road passenger vehicles in accordance with the number of seats and the number of months to give an average subsidy. 2015 annual subsidy standards for the seat of $91.67 / month, Nanning City, a total of 543 rural passenger vehicles will receive subsidies. "Notice" also defined the Guangxi island and rural waterway passenger oil subsidy standards, Nanning city level received a total of 1 million 70 thousand and 400 yuan of subsidy funds. Compared with previous years, the subsidy policy, from 2015 onwards, the use of funds in the subsidy policy adjustments. It is understood that the original oil subsidies consists of two parts: the first part is the capital of the refined oil tax reform and the formation of the tax subsidy; the other part is the oil price subsidy. The policy adjustments for tax subsidies to be retained. However, the current price subsidies for rural passenger transport, taxi oil subsidies are no longer linked to oil prices and oil prices. From 2015 to 2019, the number of actual execution in 2014 gradually decreased as the base. Among them, in 2015 decreased by 15% in 2016, a decrease of 30% in 2017, a decrease of 40% in 2018, a decrease of 50% in the year of 2019, a decrease of 60%, 20.相关的主题文章: