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Guangzhou "big city", has said sorry if corruption sacked sanitation workers Beijing – Guangzhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection, in-depth analysis of city management committee, former director Li Tinggui illegal case table words to talk about integrity, Taiwan under the help of outdoor advertising business contract, for more than one million yuan; openly talk about people. But the blind launched Datianshan project, the final "unfinished", often stressed the subordinate to harass the people and waste money; the party spirit, to declare their personal matters but concealing his wife’s property…… Last December 8th, Guangzhou "big city" the first head of Li Tinggui checked sacked. Combined with the ongoing Disciplinary Education Month activities, the Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the secret Li Tinggui officialdom two people false face. According to the investigation, during the period from 2005 to 2015, Li Tinggui used his position to facilitate the illegal profit-making activities; the use of his office to seek benefits for others, accepting bribes; breach of privilege, dereliction of duty, blind construction "Tian Shan ecological park" project, to the country caused significant economic losses, causing serious adverse social impact. The City Commission for Discipline Inspection traced, explore Li Tinggui’s transformation path, analyzes the illegal reason, discipline set people thinking leading cadres, hope everyone can learn a lesson, do the alarm bells ringing. Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Sui Jixuan, 62 year old Li Tinggui was born in April 1954, Henan, Nanyang, the son of a farmer. December 1972 to join the Communist Party of China in December 1974. The last century at the end of 90s, the first job is to come to the place where Li Tinggui jobs Committee in Guangzhou City, working is 13 years. September 2008, the Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau in the integration of the city management committee office and the city management comprehensive law enforcement detachment on the basis of the formal establishment. Li Tinggui served as director of the office of urban management, and then become attached. Guangzhou in 2008 to create a national health city, Li Tinggui contributed. By the end of 2009, following Shenzhen, Shunde, Guangzhou began a major reform. October, Li Tinggui became the first director of the big urban management, secretary. At the end of 2009, Panyu garbage incineration incident, Li Tinggui took over sanitation work. At the same time, the new "city comprehensive law enforcement regulations for law enforcement in the process of all the details to be clear, Li Tinggui proposed" snookering "governance ideas more clear peddlers. December 2012, Li Tinggui, former director of the urban management committee, transferred to the Municipal People’s congress. December 2015, two months before his retirement, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection filing review. In the face of their own life changes, Li Tinggui too late to regret. Taiwan on stage wantonly taking bribes to help people clean outdoor advertising contract scooping up more than a million yuan Li Tinggui does not know what it means, as he himself said, "(they) why send money to me, the main aim is to maintain a good relationship with me, so that in business, engineering project contract. Or when there is a need to please my family to give support and help, to reap benefits". On the table, a variety of occasions against corruption; Taiwan under the abuse of power, but wantonly taking bribes. Ting.相关的主题文章: