Guangzhou fair in September 24th and then hit the last 11 minutes waiting for the global exhibitors kasey chase

The Guangzhou dollar show in September 24th and then struck the last 11 seats when global exhibitors chief of news Beijing on August 24th news, the first Hongkong International Coin joint Fair has ended, which lasted 3 days of spectacular left a good impression to people, although the Hongkong currency show has ended, but the industry’s top event Chinese coin enthusiasm did not stop, 2016 China International Coin (Guangzhou) exhibition will once again struck, the exhibition is scheduled for September 24th -26 day (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) held at dongfangwende art trading center. During the period of August 19-21, jointly organized by the chief of SPINK, SBP, Guangzhou, Temple of the first Hongkong International Coin joint fairs held smoothly, 3 day money exhibition by the trust and praise of the parties, traffic of more than more than 1.7 people, the scene of frequent transactions, exchange of lively atmosphere, make everyone feel money market rebound. Many exhibitors, collectors of coins exhibition are praised, it reflects the international influence of Hongkong currency development and brand effect, we are optimistic about the future development of currency. But because of the particularity of Hongkong currency show the geographical position, the chamber of Commerce to participate in the exhibition exhibition involving customs restrictions, which also makes some mainland currency business prohibitive, and the upcoming 2016 Guangzhou International Exhibition of money will make up for this regret. This show is still sponsored by Chinese collectors association, Guangzhou, chief of kyg co sponsored with the Beijing international exhibition, Hongkong International Exhibition of coin currency currency thought the same, Guangzhou international exhibition aims to build an international coin collection operators, enthusiasts exchange trading platform, as well as the series of North and South Chinese coin market. Since the beginning of 2014, after the Macao, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hongkong and other exhibitions, China International Coin Show has a great influence in the industry. Many exhibitors are very satisfied with the effect of continuous exhibition, but also makes the 2016 Guangzhou international exhibition booth sales smooth. Prior to the Guangzhou currency exhibition organizing committee to meet the needs of different types of exhibitors, booth set up a total of 4 types, including VIP, A District special booth area special booth, B standard, T boutique booth special booth, the booth booked in the first time, the exhibition booth can be sold only 11 seats remaining. Including the A District B District 1 seats, 10 seats, please see the booth layout. Because the Guangzhou government of Yuexiu District held the "Boao World Youth Summit" activities, to land dongfangwende site, also makes the currency show overall time delayed one day, to -26 September 24th (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) held. However, this did not affect the enthusiasm of exhibitors registration, there are also a lot of recent coins institutions, well-known to participate in the booth asked, and said it would be the first time to determine the relevant booth. Because of the limited number of booths, the 2016 Guangzhou International Coin Show booth reservation follow the first set of principles, the organizing committee to remind the exhibitors booking as soon as possible. The Guangzhou International Coin Show will ensure the fair and seriousness of the coin show, at the same time, close to the market demand. The scene is rich in content, the integration of the exchange of coins, Treasures Exhibition, the theme of the peak相关的主题文章: