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Guangzhou girls in 4 years of parents missing nose repeatedly refused to take back his daughter Guangzhou daily news (reporter Wei Lina)   girl snow (a pseudonym) at 4 months of sudden severe treatment in the ICU, women and children center, due to tissue necrosis loss of nose and nose, who left many scars. Although the expert consultation can be discharged, but the parents repeatedly refused to pick their home, since March 2012, Cher has been living in the hospital. The day before the city intermediate people’s court made a final decision, upheld the ruling Michelle parents for their discharge formalities, and the home. Baby girl suffering from severe loss caused by the tip of the nose, Chen Gang Li Li (a pseudonym) in November 2011 9 the couple gave birth to her daughter cher. In March 13, 2012, only 4 months of snow to Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center (hereinafter referred to as the outpatient emergency medical center). According to the hospital, then snow body skin ecchymosis, high fever, convulsions and coma appeared. After the rescue Cher revived, but remains in critical condition, has high fever, March 15th to Michelle pediatric ICU treatment. In March 24th, after nearly ten days of treatment, Michelle condition stabilized, although the experience of a number of specialist consultation and assist in the treatment of a large number of regular debridement, but Cher severely damaged skin ecchymosis, gradually into the film, black crust most of the necrotic tissue, some even deep muscular layer. In a time when dressing, nasal necrosis of the black scab off, the second half of the organization actually also will fall off, cause about nasal hole, Cher nasal missing, directly exposed nostrils. In May 4th of that year, the hospital made a final diagnosis of fulminant epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, sepsis, capillary leak syndrome, pulmonary infection, limb, facial skin and soft tissue infection and necrosis, acute bacterial conjunctivitis, blepharitis, bilateral inferior turbinate and nasal septum. Many parents refused to take back his daughter in May 4, 2012, the hospital intends to turn Cher neurology rehabilitation, because their parents refused to transfer and take care of her for security reasons, Cher, Cher channelled back to pediatric intensive care unit for further care. In the next year and a half, Cher in the ICU to eat, walk, even a small cart wheeling contraceptives to run. From March 15, 2013 to August 27 during the day, the medical center will be the four time the Cher sent home, including three Chen steel at home, but refused to snow. Therefore, the medical center to the court proceedings, require parents to pick up the kids go home again. It is reported that since March 15, 2012 has been Cher at the medical center of pediatric ICU life, August 2015, the medical center will take care of the maternal and Child Health Hospital of Nansha District xue’er transferred to Guangzhou life. Expert consultation: First Hospital   shaping again after October 2013, the medical center organization hospital plastic surgery, Department of infection, Department of Neurology, Department of ENT, expert consultation, experts believe that the snow can be around 12 years old with orthopedic surgery. In addition, the Medical Center organized the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Department of pediatric, southern hospital plastic surgery"相关的主题文章: