Guangzhou set up a special group to regulate the tourism market is not reasonable low-cost Tour aptana studio

Guangzhou set up a special group of the tourism market regulation unreasonable low price tour information times news (reporter correspondent Li Shan Sui Xuan brigade) recently, the National Tourism Administration issued "on the crackdown" unreasonable low price tour "special action notice". Reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau notice issued before the day was informed that currently Guangzhou city has set up a special team, officially launched the special action of the Guangzhou tourism market "unreasonable low price tour", has been informed of the travel agency to carry out self-examination and self cleaning action, where the alleged "unreasonable low price tour product rate requirements of the shelf processing. Cheap travel travel contract crackdown thorough investigation of reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, according to the standard of low-cost travel, the Tourism Bureau will establish minimum daily consumer reference price and tourism product integrity guidance, to the public. The comprehensive tourism websites, travel websites, online travel booking service website, website of the tourist attractions and travel channel, travel website APP website and the media to carry out inspections, and resolutely clean up, and shut down a number of illegal and serious dishonesty released "unreasonable low price tour tourism websites and advertising information. In addition, the travel agency will be severely punished in order to attract tourists, the organization issued cheap information and false propaganda to mislead the tourists behavior. For goods not board a low-cost tour of the phenomenon, will be severely punished travel agencies and tourists do not sign a contract or contract signed false behavior, in addition to the travel agency will be severely punished without the written consent of tourists entrusted to other agencies to fulfill the contract behavior, and unauthorized change of travel arrangements and other acts. Regularly publish travel service record for shopping, said the Guangzhou Municipal Tourism Bureau, with the business sector will prosecute shopping sites selling counterfeit and shoddy goods, use the terms of the contract format against the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, monopolistic behavior, commercial bribery and other acts of unfair competition and other illegal acts. According to reports, has begun to notify the travel agencies to carry out self-examination and self cleaning operations, where the alleged unreasonable cheap tour product requirements have been fully under the shelf. The travel agency should strengthen and regulate and control the individual tour, in a tour or tour in may not assign specific shopping. In addition, give full play to the 12301, 12345 service hotline and complaint platform, play a supervisory role in tourism service quality and tourism volunteer social supervisors, encourages the community to actively provide unreasonably low tour clues; supervision and guidance of public opinion of the news media. Editor: GDN005相关的主题文章: