Guizhou Xishui Golden Bay site found three new network model in the Eastern Han Dynasty House seat tencent upd

Guizhou Xishui Golden Bay site found three new network base in the Eastern Han Dynasty building model in the Xinhua News Agency Guiyang August 29th news (reporter Li Jingya) Guizhou province Xishui County of archaeologists before the Zunyi city soil town of Golden Bay site of rescue excavations, the Eastern Han Dynasty unearthed three seat house model, for the development and research of Chishui river basin construction the process style heritage and cultural dissemination, has higher value. Guizhou Provincial Institute of cultural relics and Golden Bay archaeological team captain Zhang Gaike said, the Golden Bay site is now known as North Guizhou and Chishui River Basin, the largest one at the Neolithic Age to the Han and Jin Dynasties ancient ruins. The three house model, a dry block type pottery warehouse, on the lower staircase; a hilltop dwelling; a large building for hip roof type. The whole model is well made, especially the roof part of the work is particularly fine, showing the different features of the Eastern Han Dynasty architectural style. According to reports, a cross point type cliff three houses found in Golden Bay site model southeast side of the tomb, the top was destroyed, the only remnants of lower, from the main room, side room, corridor, ramps and other parts, 7.6 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and 2.56. Found a small amount of human bones in the main room, not found in the burial, burial unknown. The owner of the tomb is between 25 and 30 years old. It is understood that because of the tombs have been excavated, funerary objects have been seriously damaged, repair of the bowl, bowl, pot, kettle, steamer, urn, smoked furnace, housing more than 20 pieces of pottery model, silver bracelets, rings, earrings, copper copper gilt bronze pieces, copper, iron and other metal knives five baht 10 pieces, group. According to the tombs and unearthed relics for the judgment of the Eastern Han Dynasty tombs.相关的主题文章: